Press! Press! My Aeropress!

Let’s count the reasons why I love my Aeropress:

*New Promotion*

  1. Versatile
    Make them HOT. Make them COLD. Steep them short or steep them long.
    Brew the Strong or brew them light. Turn them Upside-down, invert them and it’ll still be sound.
  2. Affordable
    Bought mine RM250 three years ago. Now, it is only RM169.
  3. Convenient
    I hate messy cleaning up. Brew and clean up in 3 minutes.
  4. Portable
    Small, light and comes with a travelling bag.
  5. Makes Delicious Coffee
    When you have fresh roasted high quality beans, the Aeropress will bring out their potentials.

How I make sweet refreshing ICED-COFFEE with the Aeropress?

Having good coffee and a digital scale goes a long way towards making delicious coffee.

Weight them in. I normally use 14g but this time I use 21g instead.
(Higher dosage usually preferred for iced-coffee)

Loved my bodum double-walled 8oz glass. Filled it with ice.

This is the more advanced Inverted Method of using the Aeropress.
Put it on the scale and reset to ZERO.

Brewed by weight. 105g is approximately 40z of water.
Poured in the water (just off the boiled), stirred and screwed back the cap with the filter.

Let it steeped for 90 seconds. Then carefully turned it over the glass.
Press down gently.

A refreshing, sweet and aromatic iced-coffee using Ethiopia Nekisse.

6 thoughts on “Press! Press! My Aeropress!

  1. Hong CN

    KF, I can’t stop reading your coffee writing 🙂 Thanks for sharing out the information. I think not so long in future – i will grab this aeropress for sure 🙂 Very tempting !

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