Expobar Office Control

The Expobar Office Control

Finally, the Expobar Professional home espresso machine reached Malaysia.


  • It is a Heat Exchanger machine
    You can brew espresso and steam milk at the same time.
  • E61 Group Head with Pre-infusion and thermal syphon
    Consistent extraction and temperature stability.
  • Commercial size portafilter with a 58mm double basket
    Make real international standards double espresso.
  • 2.7 Litre water tank
    Enough water to make 50 cups of espresso per filling.
  • 1.8 Litre boiler
    Plenty of steam power to make smooth velvety milk.
  • Multiple Safety Switches and Controls
    Low water level electronic sensor that auto-fill the boiler.
    Automatically turn off heater when low water in reservoir is detected.
  • Programmable Buttons
    4 volumetric buttons to program the amount of coffee to be extracted.
  • Brew Pressure can be adjusted
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Cup warmer with enough space for 12 cups
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 360 degree movable steam wand with safety grip

Very suitable for small cafe and beverage kiosk.


10 thoughts on “Expobar Office Control

  1. khong

    hi kfchan,just to check with u the expobar ,how high the brew pressure and how high celcius is the hot water dispenser can be

  2. kfchan Post author


    It can go high if you really set it to high. But why in the world you want the temperature and pressure to be higher than how it should be?

  3. Victor

    Hi Chan,

    I am planning to open a small cafe (capacity of around 50pax) around Ampang and would like to know if the Expo bar is a suitable machine?



  4. azreena

    i’m looking for this machine for my office. Can i get more detail about the machine together with the quotation..

  5. ahbiang

    hi kf chan, i plan to have a coffee mechine in my small kiosk…can u give me a quatation for expobar e61

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