Quite a few readers here had mentioned about MBUJI CAFE in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.

Really like the Logo. The “m” stands for Mountain. It’s Mountain Buji is Africa.

The Story of mBUJI on each table.

Very interesting menu. Personally I’m not too keen on the word “boiled” to go with my coffee. Not prepared to take the risk, I ordered something more familiar to test water.

I shall refrain from making comments since these pictures turned out quite sharp.

I shall leave it to all you discerning coffee lovers.

24 thoughts on “mBUJI

  1. kfchan Post author

    Ethan, what do you mean playing with my coffee again? I’m am not playing with my coffee lah.. hahaha.

    Chris, you have been to many places… so perhaps you should try their “traditionally boiled” coffee and see if they are authentic 🙂

  2. annie

    I went there and the coffee was delicious. its a lot smoother than what i’ve drank in other places. your photo shows like you”ve drank the coffee so you did not do justice to it. Furthermore, they give part of the proceeds back to the growers.

  3. annie

    Hey chan, maybe you should conduct your lessons at mbuji instead since they have a bigger place and better coffee range.

  4. kfchan Post author

    I don’t doubt your experience Annie.

    Many coffee places have problem with consistencies. The barista making my coffee don’t even know the temperature of the milk he is frothing. It was burning hot. Maybe you had the fortune of having your drinks prepared by a properly trained barista.

    Whether the picture was taken after I took a sip is irrelevant. It is still a correct representation of the milk quality.

  5. kfchan Post author

    Hi Annie,
    Are you part of the management there? If yes, perhaps you can convince them of your ideas.

    Their coffee range is certainly good. Can’t tell about the freshness though.

  6. annie

    Wish I was management. Then I don”t have to spend so much idle time drinking coffee there!!!

  7. Simon

    the photo speaks for itself…if we want to see better quality coffee in this country, then we must educate people….I could do better with my lousy Gaggia…I mean the steaming and froth

  8. Mama

    I went to this cafe and tried their coffee cocktail. They had this drink called BitterSweet Love which was a concoction of coffee with orange. It was interesting and different. It’s great to have more choices…tired of the same old same old in Starbucks…

    Hey since you love coffee, I thought you would have ordered the Espresso instead. Only then, you would be able to taste the real coffee without the trimmings of milk…right?

  9. kfchan Post author

    Dear Mama,

    You are right… i actually ordered an espresso and a cappuccino.
    In most cases, doing a good espresso is harder than making a decent cappuccino. I didn’t bother to snap a pic of the espresso because it was already blonding very early in the extraction.

    Actually, I purposely order an espresso and a cap, hoping that the barista will use a double-basket to pull the shots. A double-basket is more forgiving then using a single. But he chose to use the single to extract 2 rounds.

  10. zhuzhu


    Maybe they do have very nice coffee cocktail NAME and combination with coffee base drinks.
    But, what they need to have is the basic of espresso preparation. The guy stand behind the machine making CINCAI espresso!
    This cafe can’t success if they dun’t have a professional barista stand there!
    How good is the recipe also spoil the drinks!

  11. jay

    Brilliant Coffee! Staff was very welcoming. Actually I think the owner is the barista…went to coffee appreciation night and he seemed to know his coffee!

  12. kimberly

    agree! jay.. i think we should go there some other time. I had so much fun with my friends last weekend..

  13. donnie's darko

    looks like shit.and also, tell them to clean their steam wand. even if u did take a sip, the milk still looks like shit.it should only look like that after 1 hr if they’re really that great.

  14. iZie

    razi is the one serving you, making your cappucino? omg, 5 years of exp still make shit froth! -.-‘

    aiyo, even i do better!
    just one month working with mbuji,

    and this is what i do with flat whites. 🙂

  15. kfchan Post author

    Someone sent over this comment:

    Me and my wife dropped by your cafe last Thursday 1st September @ Tropicana Mall. I would like to point up some areas where you might improve.

    1. Your staff. First off kudos for hiring staff that can speak English. However his accent was so thick that we can hardly understand him. I wanted a double esspresso machiato using uganda beans (I think it was an extra rm2 to pick a specific blend.) Not sure on the order specifics now. What arrived at our table was a double shot esspresso. I asked him where’s the milk and he looked blankly at me. Instead of sending the coffee back, I decided this was just a teething problem and asked him for frothed milk on the side.

    2. Your esspresso was below par. There was no crema and it was watery. I drink mainly esspresso. So I know what it’s consistency should be. I think your staff did not temp the grounds sufficiently. Is you machine calibrated? Ironically it would have been harder to detect if it was a machiatto that arrived on my table.

    3. I went to pay the bill at the cashier. A little girl took the bill folder from your staff and plonked it on top of the cash register for me. I looked at it and placed my money in the folder and gave to your staff. The little girl (no more than 5 I guess) snatched it away from your worker. She punched up the bill place the change in the folder and gave to your worker to give to me. No ‘Thank You’, no ‘Welcome’.
    Here’s what gets me. Is this girl your daughter or the franchisee’s? It’s great she can work the cash till but I think you need to explain to her about the service industry if she wants to be in it. Even if she doesn’t, common courtesy wouldn’t hurt right?

    Other than that, it was a pleasant experience. Please don’t take it personally, I just a love a good esspresso and if you get it up to par I would like to patronize Mbuji again. Beats drinking Starbucks!

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