Coffee in Singapore Part 2

I don’t understand why so many Malaysians say that food in Singapore sucks. I think they are just jealous of our neighbour. Just because they use ketchup in their “chow kwei tiau”, this fact was repeated over and over again. Well, there are just as many food in Malaysia that sucks ok. You just need to know where to find good decent food.

I just had some really good food in Singapore. From the cheap SGD3 fish-ball noodles to lovely frog-porridge, SGD10+ gourmet burgers to excellent desserts and coffee.

Unfortunately, i don’t have any photos of coffee to show. Evertime I see some really good coffee, I was too enthralled that I totally forgot to take any pic. Once I finished and have those wonderful after-taste that I realized that I did not take any photos.

Let’s start with BLACK.

This is BLACK @ 111 Somerset. Love their logo.

Their Afogato (the original is Chocolate Ice Cream) with dark chocolate shavings.
But I asked to replace the Chocolate with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
Their Vanilla ice cream is not very sweet which accentuate the taste from the espresso shots.

This plain looking “Honey Fig” Ice Cream is anything but plain.
Ok, it looks plain but the taste is really good with bits of fig inside.
As good as any Haagen Daz and priced lower too.

Banana Rum Crumble. Another must try.

Thank you Tony for the lovely treats. Can’t wait to come back for another visit.
Look for the Master Barista if you are going to Black (He is usually stationed at Black @ Hitachi Tower).
But if he is not around, I’m sure his apprentice is more than able to make you a cup of excellent coffee.

Next: Burgers… my favourite kinda food

Located @ 313 Somerset.
The name is HandBurger
. If you like good quality burgers, this is the place to go.
McD, Burger King and Carl’s Junior taste like Ramlee Burger in comparison.

My last stop for coffee before coming back to Malaysia.

Spend some time at Highlander Coffee for some sweet espresso.

The lovely Simonelli Aurelia in GREEN.

Had espresso, ristretto and a machiato. All great but the ristretto is the best.
Thank you to Phil, Cedric and Guo Li for the lovely time and all the coffee.

Link to the post on Highlander Supremo Blend.

Bye-bye Singapore. I’ll be back.

8 thoughts on “Coffee in Singapore Part 2

  1. Sookie

    drool drool drool. slurp slurp slurp
    should i try their espresso?
    what ratio should i ask for?

  2. Mun Shin

    yeah.. the honey fig ice cream and banana rum crumble is a must try when one goes to Singapore!!

  3. michelle wong

    mr Chan…
    u have influenced my sis to brag abt ur desserts.
    she wants me to bring to those places u’ve been to.
    now tell me where u have those?

  4. kfchan Post author

    The PLACE:

    Black @ Hitachi Tower
    16 Collyer Quay, #01-11/12
    Hitachi Tower, Singapore 049318
    Tel: 6 534 4220
    Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 7 am – 8 pm

    Black @ TripleOne Somerset
    111 Somerset Road, #01-13
    TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164
    Tel: 6 733 1958
    Opening Hours:
    Mon to Thurs, 8 am – 10 pm
    Fri, 8 am – 11 pm
    Sat, 10 am – 11 pm
    Sun, 10 am – 10 pm

  5. chris

    the only reason why people think sg’s food suck is, sgporeans flock in droves to msia for food, and usually, that’s one way traffic 😛

  6. dickieten

    hi chan, im dickie for penang. I hv no other way so hv to disturbing u here. Im looking for Simonelli Oscar espresso machine n grinder, i used to contect dankaff KL n they always dun hv stock in hand. they ask me to pay n book it n wait for 2, 3 months. I dun like te way to buy a thing, yes good thing hv to wait but then i cannt wait lo.

    So u r the PRO in tis industry, n i thought u might hv any idea. I dun mind is a display unit, as long as i pay then 1, 2 day the item wil b wif me lo.

    appriciate for u help here. thx

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