Coffee in Singapore Part 1

Visited Singapore FHA 2010.

As far as coffee is concern, not much new stuff.

Here are the highlights:

Asia Barista Championship
Did not really pay much attention to it. I heard the Winner is the Barista from Taiwan. I only saw the performance by Keith Loh which I like. Also heard (hearsay) that Scott Callaghan (Australia) was disqualified because he refused to use the Sponsored Blender for his signature beverage. Well, I salute you Scott. Some of this sponsorship rules are ridiculous. To be forced to use a blender or a specific “sponsored” coffee beans for the competition is just plain “duh”. I like how Keith “USE’ the blender by blending his ingredient for 2 seconds and quickly removing it. Nuff said.

Best Coffee

Had my best coffee at DaVinci’s booth. Guess what excellent coffee they are serving?

DaVinci is what you called the “syrups company”. All sorts of flavoured syrups. Vanilla, apple, hazelnut, almond, caramel, chocolate, strawberry and so on and on.

But here is their latest product:

Can you believe this? No need to have espresso machine anymore. No need barista. DaVinci’s  Coffee Shots to the rescue. 3 pumps, add milk and ice and you have a flavoured iced-latte. Can’t imagine myself or any serious coffee geeks going for this. But I give them full marks for creativity. What are they gonna think of next?

World Most Expensive Coffee?

With Najib’s spending millions of Ringgit, you don’t expect anything less than SHOCKING.

If this is what 1MALAYSIA is all about, sigh…. Tableware also want to proclaim as HALAL???

Though I’m not a big fan of OldTown White Coffee, they at least looked professional and decent. (Unlike the pretentious 1Malaysia joke)

7 thoughts on “Coffee in Singapore Part 1

  1. michael

    Hey Chan, I agreed that participant should be allowed to use their own blend of espresso beans as this will really show how good is their skill and knowledge in coffee making.

    Keith Loh’s first shot of espresso was over extracted but I like the way he prepared the signature drink ” kopi kaw”. I am going to try out the recipe soon. Would you like to join in?

  2. kfchan Post author

    They so pathetically ran out of ideas to sell. Hey Jason, send me the Poster too. I’ll share it for all to see.

  3. San

    baby genius
    please check claytan history before laughing
    if not you all will become a joke!

  4. Natasha

    ok they are saying its halal because some tableware can be haram because they are made of bone ever think of that one genius?

  5. sue

    “guaranteed to be lead and cadmium safe, as well as safe for use in ovens, microwave ovens & dishwasher. CLAYTAN tableware products are 100% local made, lifetime Lead & Cadmium Safe” -non toxic, that also means Halal

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