Love for espresso on thestar

Yeah… I’m a star… err.. I meant I was featured on The Star.

How many mm is that crema would you say 😀


Thanks to Joseph for the lovely photos. Step by steps brewing fresh serving of espresso and cappuccino.

Fresh roasted coffee from Highlander Coffee.

Grind it just before brewing.

Dose and distribute.

Tamp it.

A Decent Pour of Espresso

My favourite shot.

Another pull of espresso into bigger cups.

Stretching and Texturing.

Smooth, creamy and sweet cappuccino with a half decent latte art.



12 thoughts on “Love for espresso on thestar

  1. Jo

    Hi coffee expertS,

    Read about your from the STAR. I’m a coffee lover of course, willing to pay more than RM10 just to get a cup of espresso at Starbucks or Coffee Bean although just earning very descent income. Anyway, I would really like to know more about espresso. And this is your new supporter! 😉

  2. Saicek

    Espresso is a on the rock beverage!
    No sugar added and not to served it cold!
    1single shot espresso is better than u drink any other flavour coffee or iced blended @ starbucks or coffee bean!
    For me, I preffer to add some milk on it (espresso macchiato).

  3. kfchan Post author

    Wei Saicek, what are you talking about man.
    “Espresso is a on the rock beverage”???
    Meaning you put it on ICE lah issit?

  4. Saicek

    I mean espresso is just like an on the rock beverage!
    Missing off few words, the meaning will totaly different!
    It’s also same as espresso!
    Missing a small skill only, espresso became kopi o!

  5. Latte Art ~~~~

    Hi chan,
    You guys are really doing good job!
    May I ask about the coffee class? Are you the person that I can contact regarding the class of illy UDC Malaysia?
    It’s a very interesting class and very interesting coffee art !
    And the 1st page of the star metro coffee art, is that u make it! It’s really awsome!
    I’ll stay in touch on your blog!
    Thanks & good luck!

  6. kfchan Post author

    Crema is NOT everything. I have pulled a 2-cm crema of espresso using 100% robusta beans. Taste like crap.

    Crema on 100% arabica beans merely (most of the time) shows that the coffee is fresh. The colour of the crema will give us indication if the espresso is properly made.

    Good crema is an indication that the espresso MAY BE GOOD.

    But lack of crema almost always indicate the espresso is BAD.

  7. Joseph Loh

    Hey KF,

    Thanks for featuring the article, hope it was worth he paper it was printed on… (it’s a LOT of paper, if you think about it)

    BTW, here are the pix I took at your place. Didn’t get published as there were better pix taken by The Star’s photographers, and also due to space constraints…

    Still have vivid memories of your coffee. During the few days I was doing interviews for the article, I drank more good espressos/lattes than I have had in my entire life. Didn’t know where to a get a great one before beside Espressamente. I do now, but still too far away from workplace… us journalists need loads of coffee to keep us going.


    KF Chan

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