For the love of women

Today being the International Women’s Day, I would like to encourage all you coffee lovers everywhere to especially remember with fondness the women in our lives.

For the Women of my heart

I made this special Mocha to dedicate to all the women I adore in my life. Of course, I can’t mentioned them by name but they know who they are (I hope).

As you see from the pic above, the heart shape is not perfect. Just as the women are not perfect and certainly they don’t look like beauty queen physically (as dictated by society standards). But they certainly are women of substance.

Just as this cup of mocha that is sweet, creamy, with tinge of bitterness from the coffee, complex and fulfilling. A cup of quality as they are women of quality.

I particularly love this cup, it shows the beauty of contrast. And each of these women are full of contrast. They are unique and wonderfully made.

Though many a times they are emotionally incomprehensible, at times confused, sometimes illogical and unreasonable, once a blue moon they goes kwazy too, they are WOMEN. To the praise and glory of God, I love them all.

Of course, the actual cup of mocha was drank by the Numero Uno in my life.

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