Espresso Extractions

One of the obsession of coffee geeks is trying to get the so-called “perfect” extraction.

And wherever we hear some cafe trainers says “making espresso is easier than frothing milk”, we have to make tremendous effort to stop ourselves from “rolling our eyes” and say “yeah, yeah”.

Bottom-line: Pulling the “optimal” (instead of perfect) espresso shots requires technical discipline, skills and “God’s blessing”?

God’s blessing… hence “God’s shot”. Well, in Malaysia God’s blessings probably refer to high quality beans, skillfully blended and FRESHLY roasted. Why do you need God’s blessings in all these human endeavour? Well, in Malaysia it is really difficult to get these combinations without God’s blessings… really… I kid you not.

I got myself a batch of coffee that perhaps were half-blessed.

Both 24 seconds extractions using a double basket. Taste is pleasant but not really optimal. I think I will try with a triple basket later.

7 thoughts on “Espresso Extractions

  1. kfchan Post author

    Errr.. which you are you referring to?
    The espresso cup is from Incasa (Australia).
    The big one I bought from ETC.

  2. Rob

    Hello, I can help you all buy the next time I come back from Melbourne.
    Check out
    Very nice and good quality cups. I use them at my shop.

    Let me know how the comp goes this weekend!

  3. Chong Shen

    Wee Chuan: Yes, I am! I haven’t had the opportunity to browse through the shops in KL for better cups so I’m looking at sourcing them through other means. 🙂

    Rob: Heya, thanks for the offer!

    Working off their quotation a couple of months back, one cup will cost approx RM30, inclusive of GST. Oh, and that’s assuming the purchase is under a business and not retail. Retail will up it by an additional RM8 per cup.

    I’m actually interested in getting them if they have already packaged the delivery in and if we can get them at wholesale price.

    You mentioned that you use them at your shop. Is it a cafe? Whereabouts is it?

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