Mazzer Mini

One of the most popular Professional Grinder, the Mazzer Mini.
And it is available in here.

The Mazzer Mini

Finally, got my hand on a Mazzer Mini Stepless Grinder.

It is of the same category as my M5.

The Isomac and M5

The Isomac is the tiny stainless steel and my M5 is on the right.

Lot's of metal

The Mazzer Mini felt more sturdy because there is more metal. Notice the portafilter holder… thick fork metal. Produce clanging sound when you tap the portafilter against it. The On/Off switch is nice to press too.

Mazzer Mini - Top View


It is STEP-LESS. This mean you can make fine minute adjustment to grind size. Very important and useful if you are chasing the OPTIMAL espresso extraction. Turning of the dial takes some effort though. It was tight and you need to use 2 hands to make a difference of 2mm. (The adjustment ring on the M5 is effortless though, but you cannot make as fine an adjustment as the Mini).

The Doser

Wow… looks so nice eh? Don’t be deceived by the look though… this is actually where the M5 is better.

Well, I took this picture before actually putting in the beans to grind. After I actually ground up some beans, I notice that the “sweeper” does not sweeps very clean. There are grounds left in all the creaks. The M5 is definitely more efficient in “sweeping” of coffee grounds when you are dosing. Especially in a home environment, I always wanted to thoroughly “sweeps” away all the grounds.

There are not many good quality grinders available for the professional home users in Malaysia. How much more difficult if we are to search for one that give excellent consistent grinding to make our good tasting espresso? As if that is not enough, we desire one that looks good as well.

Mazzer’s advantages
– STEPLESS (good for those espresso lovers and those who don’t always change beans type and brewing methods)
– Produce consistent and quality grind
– looks good
– more metal (felt sturdier and more expensive)
– On/Off switch a joy to use (those who grind per cup will know what I mean)

M5’s advantages
– Stepped (for those who likes to experiment with many brewing methods)
– Love the sweeper in the doser
– Produce consistent and quality grind
–  Looks better than most commercial grinder (except the Mini)

Isomac’s advantages
– Half the price of the above grinders (Not suitable for commercial use)
– Small enough to bring it along for local trips (I’ll definitely bring it along for any local trips if I am driving)
– Grind quality good enough to make excellent espresso (Unbeatable at its price)

I wish I have all the above.

10 thoughts on “Mazzer Mini

  1. hyperon

    The M5 can be converted to the stepless version via the optional micrometric add on, right? I have a Macap M5D (Mazzer equivalent would be the Mazzer Mini Electronic A/B) which is stepless. What is the price of the Mazzer Mini?

  2. kfchan Post author

    Not sure whether can convert, but what’s the point?
    If I want a Stepped, I’ll take the M5.
    If I want a Stepless, I’ll take a Mini.

    The price of the Mini = RM2500.

  3. hyperon

    I suppose if you wanted a stepless grinder as well as the better sweeper of the M5, then a conversion kit might be one way to go. I’ve always liked the look of the Mazzer better than my Macap.

  4. lee

    any grinder and espresso machine to recommend for commercial use? its going to be a kiosk cafe..budget is tight yet we demand high quality of our coffee..possible?..pls advice..thank you

  5. John

    Guess your not familiar with grinders yet….
    you should learn how to set the “sweeper” before you start making remarks..

  6. kfchan Post author

    Dear John,

    Constructive criticism requires the person who pointed out the error to offer a solution. Should we wait for your step-by-step instructions how to set the “sweeper” or should we just consider you as another windbag?

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