Year End Christmas Promotions

To celebrate the passing of year 2009 and to welcome the arrival of year 2010, we have manage to get the support of two lovely cafes in giving YOU, our lovely reader and Coffee Lover, a very special…

Year-End Christmas 100% Promotions

Exclusively for readers of this blog

The two great cafes showing their appreciation to You, Coffee Lovers are:

1. Coffee Ritual

2. Espressamente Illy

What is this 100% promotions all about?
Order any Coffee (non-alcoholic) beverage,
and you will get EXTRA 100% FREE.


Password = Coffee In Malaysia


  • Tell them SPECIFICALLY you want the “Coffee In Malaysia” promotion.
  • Your FREE coffee beverage must be of the same value (thus 100%) or lower (if you wish).
  • Only applicable to non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Not applicable and cannot use with other existing promotions.
  • Promotions runs from 19th Dec 2009 to 1st Jan 2010.

Even more excitement.

After you went and enjoyed the promotions, come back here and put in your comments or review. Tell us your experience there. Include picture if you can.

First Prize:
The best comments or review will get a special Christmas gift from this blog. The excellent
Aerobie Aeropress worth RM195.00 sponsored by Highlander Coffee.

Second Prize:
Sponsored by Coffee Ritual,  a Hario Dripper V60 + Hario Paper Filters (100 pieces unbleached) and 200g of Costa Rica fresh roasted coffee beans worth RM88.00 in total.

The best comments does not mean that you must say only good things. What we value here are good constructive comments, objective evaluations, creative writing and some good photos will do no harm.

Judge’s decision (which is mine) is final. All for good fun, good cheer and good coffee. Don’t expect me to justify why I think someone deserve the prizes.

Coffee Ritual
Address: No. 35, Jalan 14/20, Section 14,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03 7956 1080

Espressamente Illy
Address: Lot 3-10-00, Level 3, Pavilion @ 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL

16 thoughts on “Year End Christmas Promotions

  1. Billy

    hey this is great to share! is this included the Espressamente Illy branch at Bangsar Village? i usually visit there…

  2. rachelchew

    Hi KFChan

    I visited Coffee Ritual and ordered the single origin Costa Rica with the vacuum pot. I’ve tried the Brazilian beans here before and it was also the first time I had a vacuum pot brewed coffee — truly enjoyable to watch and to drink! — so this time, it was an experience worth repeating.

    Unlike the Brazilian, the costa rica was a lot less deeper or darker.Costa Rica I expected it to be too bright for my liking but I found it surprisingly smooth and sweet. The fruit notes were apparent yet its acidity didn’t overpower entire taste palette. It was balanced and sweet. If I had to put the coffee into personality traits, I’ll describe it as bright, optimistic and gentle. Something I’d like to drink in the morning 🙂

    I took photos of the vacuum pot brewing process previously and you can find them here. But does that qualify? 😛

    I also sampled my friend’s affagato — which was really yummy, good ice cream too. And I added my own “art” to another friend’s (otherwise plain looking) mocha for fun sake. Mocha

    Being there yesterday seemed like a case of being in the right place at the right time :). It was nice meeting you and experiencing roasting coffee beans for the very first time.

    Here’s the freshly roasted beans from yesterday. Fresh rosated beans

    This was truly a fun and educating way to close 2009! Thanks and happy new year 🙂


  3. Jason Khong

    Hey KFChan, just a quick comment here to thank you for the promo and much more! It was indeed a delightful way to end 2009!

    A short background for everyone reading this…

    Went to Coffee Ritual with a few of my friends yesterday, where food is good and coffee always consistently great. The “Coffee in Malaysia” promo was a nice bonus, and it ended up being a conversation starter with the nice lady who was serving us. About the time we finished our mains were about to start on our coffee, the lady came to our table and said “Hey, you read the Coffee in Malaysia blog right? Want to meet KFChan? He’s right over there.”

    Long story short, we got to meet the man behind the blog, had great coffee talk, and got to experience a real-life coffee roasting session. It was awesome — I had been eyeing the iRoaster for months, and now I’m more than convinced that it’s time to get it.

    Great coffee is a joy in itself, but the great company that I had it with really made it a wonderful way to end 2009. Thanks for being part of our year-end celebration. It’s really not just the coffee, it’s how it brings people together.

    Happy New Year, here’s to even greater things in 2010! 🙂

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  5. June Chan

    Hi KF,
    Thanks for this great year-end promotion, and finally, i managed to catch it up on the 1st day of the year!! It was such a good deal to celebrate this 2010 new year;)

    I went to Espressamente illy @ Pavilion with a friend and when we reached there it was quite full house and hardly find a seat! This was my 2nd time visiting Espressamente illy, and I believe today is a great big day, at a great coffee place, crowded should be quite normal… and we were served by a friendly waiter;)

    I ordered an ice cappuccino, and my friend ordered a cappuccino.

    My friend See Lin was so dissapointed which she ordered a Tiramisu, but it had finished! Lastly, she ordered a chocolate cheese cake called: “othelo chesecake” and it’s very nice and delicious!

    Well, I must comment on the coffee instead… but actually I am not good in writing comments on coffee as I am not expert. All I have to say is my ice cappuccino is nice, not so sweet, “rich” taste! It delighting my day, and most important is, it connecting people!

  6. Wee Chuan

    Great stuff to all that posted the comments. Let more comments pouring in and KF, you should set a last date for the prizes oh! And I should check out the roasting with Chin asap!

  7. tekong

    heya KFChan. For the comments/review, I need to submit my review here or just provide a link to my blog? Do let me know. My review quite long so unsure if it will be too long for the comment box.

    let me know. thanks!

  8. Sarah Pakiam

    Happy New Year! Thank you for the year-end promotion. My son and I took advantage of the offer and had our cappuccino and macchiato at Espressamente Illy, Pavilion. The staff was most welcoming and receptive of the Coffee in Malaysia offer. We had a good time, and wished we had lunch there as well (we had eaten elsewhere). Unfortunately, on 1st Jan 2010, when the whole family (4 of us) were at Espressamente Illy, Bangsar Village, we encountered a different reaction. When we mentioned the promo and password, the staff was quite sure the outlet did not subscribed to the promo. She did check with her superior and he too was puzzled and said he was not aware of it. We ordered our coffee anyway, paid for them and adjourned to our lunch. Comparing the two outlets, Illy Pavilion serves better coffee. However, I think your cappuccino is the best I’ve had! Hopefully with patience and years of practice, I may come close to your perfection. All the best for 2010.

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