An Epic Experience at Epic Espresso

The Epic Espresso Blend has been one of my favourite espresso blend for quite some time. And of course, I had Simon to thank for introducing this lovely coffee to me. And being the true fan of Epic himself, he went to visit EPIC for a coffee spree. Below are the accounts from the man himself:

Adventure at Epic

Finally, after years of drinking the Epic Blend, I am finally visiting the famous café in Western Australia. Can Epic lives up to its tremendous reputation?

We were greeted with the fresh aroma of coffee even as we got off our car. The café is small and sits about 25 inside and another 10 outside. It spots a cool blend of retro and contemporary design. Nothing beats the industrial sound of human and machine combining to make great espresso.

KF Chan: note the price. very cheap if you are an Australian

Since the walkway between the bar and seating areas was quite small I was not able to observe the baristas in action. A few things I noticed though:

  • Every milk drink has latte art
  • They use the huge Synesso machines and Mazzar Robur grinders
  • The baristas adjusted the volume of the milk before doing free style latte art
  • They used the Greg Pullman tamper – and I found out later that the design was a collaboration between Greg and Epic.

Mr & Mrs Simon

First batch order – 1 Flat White, 1 Ristretto, 1 Latte, 1 Piccolo Latte and Affogato. The moment of truth as our orders arrived. The following comments were drinks ordered and consumed by me:
KF Chan: Greedy fella. Consume all by yourself??? Your wife just watch and take photos issit 😀

Flat White

No Sugar Needed

No Sugar Needed

Flat White – 1 part espresso and 5 part milk – incredibly sweet without any sugar yet does not take anything away from the coffee. Best milk based drink I have ever tasted!


Ristretto – The “restricted” shot of about 18ml of double espresso, nice deep red and brown colour – the shot is very intense with caramelised sweet finish. There’s not a single hint of bitterness. Not something I will drink often but a showcase of how good the Epic Blend can be.
KF Chan: Are you sure 18ml for a double ristretto? A single espresso shot is 30ml. 18ml for a double is too short, right?


Piccolo Latte

Belgian Chocolate Couverture

Then we were offered the “Mojo” – a drink only offered by the Barista to their friends. The base was a single shot espresso, then filled with Belgian Chocolate Couverture and topped with another double shot espresso – then the drink was stirred – taste a bit like liquor chocolate.





The next day I came back (and actually the day after next as well) and I tried their Cappuccino and Mocha. I usually dislike Mocha because it can taste a bit bitter when not done properly. This version was superb and silky smooth although it can be a bit too sweet for those who are used to drinking coffee without sugar.

No Extra Hot

No Extra Hot

KF Chan: Don’t insult the barista by requesting your coffee “Extra Hot”

Truly Epic Café lives up to its considerable reputation. I went to the café three days in a row. There was a slight drop in the quality on day 3 (with a different crew) but overall they displayed an absolute master class in preparing espresso drinks. Three days and AUD150 (RM450) spent – it was a great experience. Epic claimed they could possibly be one of the best espresso café in Australia – based on my experience I would not disagree.

Thank you Simon for these lovely photos and memories.
Note to self: Must visit Epic before I go.

12 thoughts on “An Epic Experience at Epic Espresso

  1. Simon

    Great post….and KFChan you’re right about the 18ml “Stret”…actually I was told 18ml restricted for single shot…..I ordered double shot since it’s the same price…so should be roughly 36ml..

  2. Simon

    Towjin: There’s an Epic branch in Melbourne…Melbourne’s espresso culture is much more sophisticated than Perth and they have many great cafes…never been there personally but there are quite a few boutique cafes which roast their signature blend and adopt very high quality control…..

  3. towjin

    Simon: oh…thanks so much! :D…i’m actually planning to join a barista course at melbourne too…i was thinking of Barista Basics…any comments?

  4. Simon

    Towjin: So you are based in Melbourne…if in Malaysia KFChan can introduce you to a barista course here…heard of Barista Basics as a TAFE affiliated school…most of their students are in the hotel industry – should be good for basics but if you have some experience in making espresso already, perhaps doing an barista course with one of the those master barista from independent cafe might be an option?

  5. towjin

    simon: yea…tts quite true…but its hard to do my research now as i am living around clayton or berwick. Its still quite a distance from the melbourne CBD. Plus I am still very new in this field. Do you know anyone who i can get advice from? Or probably a forum or website?

  6. Simon

    Towjin: Coffeegeek the famous coffee forum has an Australia / NZ section….for a more local forum check – there are some other commercial site which I am not sure I can put in here on the blog…you can email me for details if you want…

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  8. Faiz

    Added to my checklist if I ever be in Melbourne. By any chance if you ever go to Christchurch, NZ, look for Underground Coffee cafe. Always be my fav when I was there.

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