Love over coffee

Found this lovely photo in PicApp

[picapp src=”9/7/e/5/Couple_kissing_at_8505.jpg?adImageId=4539491&imageId=5068119″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

Expression of Love,
Espression of Passion,
Expression of Union
over Espresso

5 thoughts on “Love over coffee

  1. Irving

    Found this funny music video about drinking too much coffee. A song by French band Oldelaf and Mr D. from their album L’album de la maturité.

    Warning! Mildly grotesque ending….

  2. Dennis

    Indonesia quake survivor says saved by coffee

    PADANG: An Indonesian earthquake survivor described yesterday how buying coffee during a hotel training course he was attending almost certainly saved his life.

    Ghazali, 28, had been taking part in a training programme with 40 people held by insurance firm Prudential at the historic Dutch-era Ambacang hotel when the quake hit the coastal city of Padang on Sept 30.

    The trainee insurance agent, who is now staying with relatives, said he briefly left the hotel to buy coffee in a cafe 300m across the street because drinks in the hotel were too pricey for him.

    “I sat down and the hotel collapsed,” he said, adding that he had been too shocked since to tell authorities he was safe.

    “It is still a traumatic experience and I just haven’t gotten around to it,” he explained. He added that as far as he was aware only one other person from the Prudential training course had survived.
    Asked about how he felt about the earthquake and his escape, the university student said: “This is merely something that God has decided upon.”

    Rescue teams have been trying to extract more bodies at the Ambacang and one official said he believed there were about 80 left, some in the ruins of the pool but most in the lobby. – Reuters

  3. sui shien

    ohh.. love the pic of the couple kissy kissy over espresso – how romantic !

    i also like the espesso & chocolate platter in PicApp – cute looking spoon and saucer

    i recently purchased a set of two stainless steel espresso cup and saucer from Ikea – not bad 🙂

  4. james

    what is the name of the coffee that is strong for loving or is there any sure thing for older people,strong, let me know

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