Coffee Lovers Gathering again

Update: 4th October 2009

Thanks to all who turned up today.

Here’s the photos:

First agenda on the menu, Chin shows us the Cold Brew device.

Chin explaining the workings of the Cold Brewer.

Using Brazil Single Origins

Carefully placing the coffee grounds into place.

The Iced-cold water above will drip down onto the coffee grounds very slowly.  The brewing process took about 8 hours to complete and the coffee will be rested another 3 days for the taste to be fully developed.

The resulting coffee is a very intense kinda drink. Do take note that this type of brewing methods produced very coffee that is very high in caffeine content. Those who intend to burn mid-night oil, wanna stay awake at anytime or chasing Champions League matches, give them a try.

NEXT: Balancing Syphon Brewer

Brewed using Columbian Single Origin

This is a really elegant looking device. It brew coffee using the Syphon brewing method but it will automatically turn off the flame. Really cool to see and fun to use.

It even has a tap to pour out the coffee. It is imported from Taiwan and cost around RM500 to RM600.

LASTLY: The humble Drip Pour Over

A really humble and low tech way to brew lovely coffee. This Drip Pour Over only cost RM20 plus.

Side Note:
You can enjoy good cup of coffee without paying a bomb. Even a simple drip pour over can make good coffee. Just remember these few important rules to enjoy coffee at low cost and low tech way:-

1. Get good fresh roasted coffee
2. Get a decent grinder (If you have a decent grinder, the world of excellent coffee will be opened to you)
3. Monitor the water temperature. 90 to 92 Celsius and not boiling hot water.
4. Choose your brewing device like Drip Pour Over, French Press, Aeropress, Moka Pot (All less than RM200)

Also a special thanks to Mr. Tan Bee Leng. Mr. Tan brought us some samples of Kopi Luwak and some Liberica coffee cherries to sample.

Inside the cherries are the coffee beans.
What is kopi luwak? In a nut shell, these lovely red cherries were eaten by a certain type of Civet Cat. Then civet cats love the cherries but their digestive systems cannot digest the seeds or beans from the cherries. So the beans will passed through the cats’ systems. Farmers collect the “passed out” beans, washed them, dry them and roast them. Lo and behold, you got yourselves some kopi luwak. They are very expensive.

Finally everyone is satisfied. Here’s the group photo.

Left to Right: Ana, Fernando, Jane, Iris, Shin Tatt, Tan Yoke Ling, Tan Bee Leng, Cheryl, Wee Chuan, Mun Shin, Zayne and Chris. I’m the one holding the camera and Irving has left earlier.


Original Posting:

This Sunday we will be having a gathering at Coffee Ritual.

Coffee Ritual has been my preferred place for a cup of Syphon brewed fresh coffee. This Syphon thingy is a classy elegant device. If you plan to win the attention of someone special over a romantic dinner, preparing a cup of Syphon brewed coffee to share is pretty romantic and cool.

Note: This is not a device for the clumsy. And if your house is messy like mine… (that’s why I didn’t get one).

Coffee Ritual is giving us a special promotion: FIRST CUP FREE.
Guys… order something to eat and pay for it, ok. The food is pretty good.

Venue: Coffee Ritual
Map: Here and here.
Time: 2pm
Date: 4th October 2009
Address: No. 35, Jalan 14/20, Section 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya

After that, give your comments below.

If you are there and don’t know who to talk to or don’t know how to get the FREE coffee… This is the password: COFFEE IN MALAYSIA

See ya, ok.

8 thoughts on “Coffee Lovers Gathering again

  1. sui shien

    ooff.. missed the gathering in Coffee Ritual ! its near my workplace

    thanks for the info about the food ~ and hey nice pics there, awesome looking coffee gadgets there !

    keep up the good work

  2. Saicek

    I think this also can make it at Chocz.
    But need to take some time!
    Waiting for all equipment arrived!
    Now only can served illy coffee!
    Next month will be no problem!

  3. jingz


    I’m quite delighted to learn of your blog. Studying in Melbourne, I’m too spoiled by the coffee culture here, which made me wonder if can find similarly exciting coffee (not starbucks) back in KL. Now I know I can!

    Although I still don’t know the beans, and has no experience in making coffee, I think a good cup of coffee is indeed heavenly anytime in the day. Now I know I should take up the opportunity while I’m still in Melbourne to do a barrista course.

    I wonder what is the prospect of working as a barrista in a proper cafe (again not starbucks) in KL? Maybe I should just dream on.


  4. Wee Chuan

    Jingz, you should go visit the plenty of good coffee houses in Melbourne/Aussie before coming back. And yes, go learn a barista course to improve your knowledge.

    On a proper cafe specially for properly trained baristas, it is really lacking in Malaysia and almost non-existent but very slowly improving. It will only improve drastically when the public coffee drinkers are educated and demand speciality coffee.

    Luckily for exciting coffee, we can brew at home by getting a value-for-money Oscar and fresh coffee beans from Highlander Singapore.

  5. MW Liu

    HI Chan and Wee Chuan,
    I was talking to the person in charge of a cafe in a prominent KL hotel after having coffee there. I have tried their coffee a few times and it has been consistently good, and this guy is also very passionate about good coffee and he takes it seriously. I mentioned about your blog and its popularity, and asked whether is it possible to have a coffee lovers gathering there, and he was very keen on the idea. Subject to the management’s approval, he’s willing to accommodate us for a few hours and he would like to know what sort of activities that we like to have there so that he can work it out properly. He also said they have had many similar occasions for wine lovers but this will be the first time for coffee lovers.

    So if you don’t mind to organise another gathering there, pls email me and I’ll arrange a meeting with him to work out the details.

  6. Evelyn Rodriguez

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    2 tablespoons coffee
    2 ounces boiled milk
    1 tablespoon sugar (or to taste)


    1. Mix the coffee with water and boil 2 minutes.
    2. Strain the coffee in coffee sock.
    3. In a cup, combine brewed coffee with milk.
    4. Add sugar to taste.

    Puerto Rico Coffee
    We have all Puerto Rican Coffee

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