An Affair with Silvia

Some time back, a friend of mine met Silvia and fall in love.

He brought her home and started a beautiful love affair.

The fact that Silvia is sexy and hot does not go unnoticed. Hey, I met her myself and I was drooling.
(I touched her too… but shhh….)

Nothing is perfect of course and Silvia tend to display this hot and cold treatment frequently. But she is also exciting, fun and full of energy. You should see her when she is blowing off steam.

But alas, after 10 months of passionate affair, Silvia is leaving. She was wooed by another.

To my dear friend: do not feel sad. Remember the great memory.

Remember how she has served you and comforted you. Remember how she lifted your spirit when you are tired.

And what many wives cannot do, you have counted on Silvia.

Remember the smoothness on your lips and the sweetness on your tongue. How she soothed you with her velvety touch.

How many but Silvia can make you a great cup of cappuccino?

Farewell Silvia. You will be missed.


8 thoughts on “An Affair with Silvia

  1. Irving

    Very dramatic indeed, Chan.

    As of 1 hour ago, the Silvia is with a new owner. I must admit that up till this evening, I was still having second thoughts about selling it.

    The Silvia has served me very well for the last 10 months. Great caps & lattes almost every morning. With occassional espresso doppios in the afternoons. Come to think of it, it is our barista jam machine in the last 10 months!

    So now all 3 of us (including Wee Chuan) have said goodbye to our machines.

  2. Irving

    Thanks Venky, drop me a mail. Chan & Wee Chuan has my contact. Would be glad to help you set up the PID.

  3. Joie

    Hi Irving,

    Don so sad. Ur silvia new owner will take good care of it :). If u wish to hav a look on it, next time barista jam if i given the chance to join and if the time is ok for me then i will bring out the machine and join u all together lor. 🙂

  4. Chong Shen

    Hey Chan, should organize a meet up in this coming few weeks man. Is it about time the Oscars show up? 😉

  5. sam

    Hi there, where you can get in Malaysia replacement part such as steam wand for this machine ?
    and where to buy syrup, knock box, thermometer and stainless steel PITCHER ?
    i find it hard to find this things in Penang .
    any idea ??
    thanks a lot

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