Any Cafe in Malaysia wanna host a Coffee Lovers’ Gathering?

There has been quite a lot of request for a gathering. But I was really busy lately.

Who is interested, drop me an email and drop a message here too.

If you have any suggestions or preference, let me know too. Any favourite cafe you like to expose to fellow coffee lovers here? Shout it out man.

Also, ANY CAFE in Malaysia or rather in Klang Valley interested to offer to host this event? Drop me an email and I see what can be done.


My email address: kfchan7 (at) gmail (dot) com

8 thoughts on “Any Cafe in Malaysia wanna host a Coffee Lovers’ Gathering?

  1. peter

    Hi im Peter here and i would like to host an coffee gathering party for all coffee lovers . this April.

  2. chin

    Hi Kfchan,
    I’m chin from Coffee Ritual, Section 14, Petaling Jaya. Remember we’ve met a few week ago? hint: Colombian coffee with syphon pot.
    Thank for introducing your blog to me, I’ve read most of your posts here. Its truly an eye openner.
    Do drop by my cafe again soon, we have a batch of freshly roasted colombian, brazil fancy santos and java arabica jampit coffees (roasted 3rd march 2009, just two days ago) if you fancy single origin coffee. Hope to see you soon. Thanks.


  3. chin

    Hi Kfchan,
    Yes, we are open everyday.
    Mon-Sat: 10am-11pm
    Sun-Public Holiday: 9am-10pm
    I will be at the cafe all the time. Anticipating your arrival. Thanks.


  4. chin

    Hi all coffee lover,
    If you are free this Sunday and Monday (8-9 March 2009), why not drop by at Coffee Ritual, Section 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, for a special treat. Just mention that you have read this post, and we will treat you a cup of syphon brew single origin coffee for FREE. Limited to one cup per person only. Please visit www(dot)coffeeritual(dot)com or www(dot)gv(dot)com(dot)my for direction. Thanks.


  5. Fook Cheong

    Hi Chan,
    I would like to join you for a cup if you are going to Coffee Ritual this weekend. Let me know.

  6. Wee Chuan

    Hi Chin,

    You are so cool to let us a cup of siphon coffee for free.

    And Fook Cheong, Chan and I are planning to be there at 2pm on Sunday.

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