Vibiemme Domobar Super – The Super Sexy Expresso Machine

Monday, 9th February 2009
Hari Chap Goh Mei.

The day I got to play with a Super Sexy, Cool and Kencang Espresso Machine.

Our friend Phil Liew got himself a brand new Vibiemme Domobar Super + Compak K3 Touch Grinder.
Cost approx: RM10K with all the professional tools thrown in (like espro tamper, knock-box, pitchers, and even a hands-on barista course).

The Specifications:

  • E61 Grouphead
  • Full Stainless Steel Body
  • 2.7L boiler and 4L water reservoir

Notice the grinder, tamper and knock-box on the right.

Front view: This is a manual machine, meaning you start and stop the brewing process manually.
The lever on the right of the grouphead is the brewing switch. Also warms up your cups nicely on top.

A closer look with the portafilter lock-in. Gives you double-vision due to the reflective nature of a shiny stainless steel body.

The 3.8L water tank and the 2.7L boiler is hidden under the steel compartment.

Phil got himself a naked portafilter too. Double espresso pouring out like hot honey.
It was yummy. The E61 grouphead ensures excellent temperature stabilty.
It’s not difficult to pull decent shots of espresso. With proper barista training, pulling excellent aromatic and sweet tasting espresso should be a norm (provided you got fresh roasted good quality beans).

(These shots were taken when I was pulling the espresso in the showroom)
Just to shows that it works the same whether in the showroom or back home πŸ™‚

(Also taken from showroom)
Frothing milk is a joy. Plenty of steam and you can make silky, velvety microfoam milk.
It’s time to learn up some latte art. Alas, I can only make simple heart since I can’t practice on this machine everyday… sigh.


33 thoughts on “Vibiemme Domobar Super – The Super Sexy Expresso Machine

  1. Wee Chuan

    Chan, you lucky fella….get to play with this beauty.
    Who’s Phil and where is he at? Can introduce him to me so I can also try out the Domobar and see if I can practise latter art….
    So cemburu liao!

  2. kfchan Post author

    Hahaha.. I’m sorry, but I think Phil is going oversea soon. No need to be jealous, your latte art on your Silvia to so high quality already. I’m the one who is cemburu of you man.

  3. Chong Shen

    You know what Chan? My friend had one back in Melbourne. Thinking back now, I regretted not to have had a go at it!

  4. Irving

    That is one of the sexiest machine I’ve seen. Loved it the moment I saw it at Phil’s (Highlander’s) place in Singapore. I can feel a change of venue for our next barista jam!

  5. Victor

    The machine look nice and also work great (I hands on in Dankoff).

    If for me … the only thing I would like to upgrade is the steam tip. Original 2 hole if possible to upgrade to 4 hole will be better πŸ™‚

  6. Sunshine

    hi, are you have second hand 1 group and 2 group semi-auto espresso coffee machine? if have please send quotation for me to>>>

  7. Phil Liew

    What a feature! The machine has had some solid workout since commissioning and we have been bouncing off the walls since with the number of cups of caffe latte, espressos and caps.
    Hv dialled in the grinder as well as refined the frothing part and no, there ain’t nothing that needs to be changed. The 2 hole tip works champion – just a matter of learning the proper technique,
    All done and dusted and may have you and your missus over for another round!! promise this time with improved workflow etc etc.

  8. Victor

    Haaa.. I am talking abt future upgrade. Juz like those american always upgrade their m/c .. steam tip or PID.
    Of course with the proper method you still can get good micro froth, even with one hole steam tip.
    Anyway Domobar work .. super for me. Cheers πŸ™‚

  9. Tang

    I wonder where can I get those hardware in malaysia (I mean Domobar)? Any advise…


  10. ricky ooi

    Dear Mr. Chan,
    I have 2 different ways of measuring the time for making espresso shot.One author
    from the net says you start counting the time the moment you push the brew
    button.—20 to 30 secs for single shot.
    Another says you start counting the time the moment you see coffee flowing from the sprout of the portafilter.
    Now I am confused.So which is the correct method?

    Sincerely yrs,


  11. kfchan Post author

    Dear Ricky,

    The official standard is following the “measure the moment you press brew” method and all the Barista I know follows that.

    Actually the moment you press “brew”, water is introduced to the coffee grounds. So even though you don’t see the flow yet, the brewing process has already started.

  12. Wee Chuan

    Ricky, just take the golden rule as a guideline, look at the flow and decide when to cut off.

    Experiment with the taste of difference cut-off point and decide yourself with your tastebuds coz it won’t lie to you if the cup is good or not.

  13. nyssnisacha

    hi there~
    can u please tell me which one is correct?
    cos i’m confused really..
    should we steam d milk 1st n brew d espresso, or
    brew d espresso n steam d milk?
    cos i usually steam d milk first, then brew d espresso..

  14. nyssnisacha

    thank you~
    my boss would usually get mad when we didnt follow the SOP..
    and the SOP said to steam the milk first, then brew d espresso,
    but i brew d espresso n steam d milk @ the same time when my boss isnt around..

  15. Frederick


    I’ve got a Vibiemme taken from overseas, do you know where I could get it serviced in Malaysia?


  16. mike

    Hi Chan, my VBM manual lever got problem, can’t pull all the way up to start the extration, any idea?

  17. mike

    My friend brought back directly from Italy. Only used for 2 weeks. Anybody specialized in fixing a manual lever E61 espresso machine?

  18. mike

    Hi, my machine is back to working condition again. Actually there is no problem with the machine just that I have adjusted the OPV to reduce the pressure from factory setting of 12 bar to 9 bar.

  19. Perry

    Dear KF,
    Can u just send m a price about this beauty as i m planning to do an upgrade for m espresso machine πŸ™‚ if possible, also include the pricing of some Home and Prosumer espresso machines and grinders with doser to m too?

    Thanks ya bro~

  20. Andy

    Hello kf chan
    We are a new business in Langkawi Malaysia we have just set up a new coffee shop cafe in a private residence block at perdana beach i am looking for an esspresso/cappacino mchn brand new or second hand what advise can you offer us
    Many Thanks
    Andy & Linda
    Kalico hospitality sdn bhd
    H/p +6(0) 174 824 842

  21. aj

    hye kf chan…
    im planning to open house sarawak
    i am looking for an esspresso/cappacino machine brand new or second hand what advise can you offer me?

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