Barista Jam

Couple of weeks ago, we had a Barista Jam at Irving’s place. He is the proud owner of a new Rancilio Silvia and Compak Doserless grinder.

Also there were Weechuan, Joseph and myself. I shall let the photos speak for themselves.

silvia compak


I am so envious my friend. Rancilio Silvia is one of the all time best home espresso machine. It beats my Gaggia Baby D without a blink. Though Silvia is more expensive (around RM2600 if you have the right connections), it is truly a worthwhile investment. Here are 3 top reasons why Silvia is better than any Gaggia’s home machine:-
1. Silvia with Brass Boiler vs Gaggia with Aluminium Bioler
2. Silvia’s boiler is 12oz vs Gaggia’s boiler is 3.5oz
3. Silvia’s powerful steam vs Gaggia’s pathetic steam

Okay. Those are the 3 photos I took with my pathetic digital camera. What you see after this are the excellent photos taken by Joseph, a professional photographer with a REAL camera 😀

bj-leveling bj1-tamping1
Levelinga nd tamping. Crucial steps to perform correctly in preparing espresso.

bj1 bj1-ending
Look at the crema of freshly roasted coffee.

Wee Chuan holding up a shot of espresso.

Wee Chuan distributing velvety microfoamed milk.

bj-latteart bj-latteart1
Did I mentioned that Wee Chuan is a Latte Artist?

Too good to drink? Given a choice, would you want these or $bucks?

bj-aeropress1 bj-aeropress2
Really affordable way to enjoyed freshly roasted coffee.

bj-aeropress The Aeropress Way

All coffee lovers here (and a cute coffee lover in training?) and Joseph is behind the lens.

9 thoughts on “Barista Jam

  1. Wee Chuan

    Hey KF,

    I believe there will be more jams & gatherings with more enthusiasts after more people read this post of ours.

    Need to buck up & put up my post soon though a little busy at work. There will also be a Bah Kut Teh post as Klang just had an BKT event last weekend.

    Take care mate, looking forward for our next sharing.

  2. kfchan Post author

    Hi Yann,

    Our usual location at Irving’s is no go. Our dear friend hurt his back and need plenty of rest. But if i manage to get another place, will surely let you know.

  3. Wee Chuan

    Yann: Yah, Irving is not convenient to serve us till he recovered. So we will have to wait patiently.

    Unless you live near Klang, then I will be glad to be the host for a simple barista jam.

  4. mahut

    hi kfchan,

    nice blog. ever thinking of home roasting? believe there’s some decent home roasters available.


  5. kfchan Post author

    Dear Mahut,

    What home roasters are you referring to? Do you know any local distributor? I’m not aware of any in the market. Furthermore, in Malaysia we can’t even import green beans without an AP. Sad isn’t it?

  6. Claire

    Hey KFChan,

    Do you know where can i attend barista training in KL?

    Particularly into Latte art.

    Reply soon.

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