Coffee Lovers Gathering at Segafredo, Sunway Pyramid

Sorry for the late posting. Have been super busy preparing ISO9001 at work.

Finally, after all these while of faceless communications via email and blog, we manage to have a Coffee Lovers gathering. It was Friday night, 29th August 2008 at 9pm.

(From left to right) Magneto Low, SF Fong, Michelle

Michelle & Kevin

(Left to right) Wee, Irving, KF Chan, Mun Shin, Michelle, Kevin and Jean.

I personally had a good time knowing all these people. Among our midst, we have people with a diverse background… Enginner, IT Support, Marketing, Software Developer, Nurse, Designer, Cyber Cafe Owner, and Entreprenuer.

Some interesting topic:
Jean was telling us of some Kopi Luwak story.
We shared some good and bad coffee experience as well.
Resources for fresh roasted, high quality coffee is in demand.
Resources for Barista Training.
Places to get proper espresso machines.
Cafes with decent coffee.
Some are contemplating cafe business.

So, how’s the drinks in Segafredo? I leave that for you guys to comment.
Only 3 of us tried the espresso… two of us found it lacking and one was ok. But then, espresso has always been hits and misses.

Guiness Draught and Cafe Mocha (They got a different name which I cannot remember).

I find the Guiness draught excellent. The Mocha looks nice. Milk was nicely microfoam. In fact the few cappuccinos that we ordered, all of them were decently microfoamed. Some were excellently done.

But properly frothing of milk is only part of the equation. As to the taste, I leave it to you guys to comment.

I also tried their spaghetti and it is value for money.

Jimmy, the manager was nice and offer us some snacks on the house.

OK guys, over to you.

P.S. Anyone got suggestions for next gathering?


24 thoughts on “Coffee Lovers Gathering at Segafredo, Sunway Pyramid

  1. Marcus

    Yo! nice meeting up new people there. It amazing how coffee brings ppl from different walk of life to gather for casual chat. Too bad the doctor aint there eh?
    As for the guiness, u know me man, i rarely drink alchohol drinks but i do like how it taste.

  2. Kevin

    Appreciate that Chan organize this gathering for coffee lovers. Thought im sort of coffee lover but! found out that there is much to learn lol. After meeting these guys i felt like im a noobie there. Definately attending the next gathering session if there is one coming.

    *bow* sifus

  3. Wee Chuan

    Nice meeting everyone there. Hopefully we can all share more of our coffee experiences. Now, can’t wait to PID my machine and also it will be great if we can organize more coffee gathering and discuss some more specific coffee topics like coffee blends, cupping, coffee preparation methods, etc.

    On Segafredo coffee, I would say it is better than average. Decent compared to other cafes. At least it seems to live up to the Italian brand. I still miss the coffee & croissant I had in Norway, the best I had till now.

  4. Michelle

    Yo! Nice meeting u guys. Thank you and really appreciated! i learned something new from this gathering..its fun to have sharing session! Yeah..definately will join u guys for the next gathering =) *wink* Hopefully can meet up a doctor too as well.. lol..

  5. Irving

    Thanks for organising this, Chan. It’s a great way to share ideas, information and also to promote better understanding of good coffee. I also think that having a regular coffee jam for home baristas would be good. I learned a lot from you guys in that session at my place. Next time I’ll try your Aeropress.

    One Segafredo’s coffee: The espresso I had was a bit off. The Capuccino’s good, but not as good as the one I had in Espressamente (finer microfoam).

    BTW, I’ve just signed up for Phil’s Barista Traiing – Level 2. I’ll be attending the one in KL.

  6. fclee

    Hi there. A coffee drinker myself but not an expert. I would be interested in attending your next gathering.

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  8. David and inge

    Hello dear people from segafredo zanetti,
    At the first of oktober in de evening we had a nice drink at your place in the sunway pyramid. I don’t no if this is the ride way to approuch you but it is the only side i could find. The problem is that we left our foto camera at your place… I really hope that you found it becouse there is a lot of personal value for us becouse the picture where from our honeymoon.
    iTG IS A GREY CAMERA PENTIAX OPTIO WITH A BLACK COVER…. Could you please let us know if you found it. Ofcourse we are willing to pay to get it back….
    Hope to hear from you with kind regards David and Inge

  9. David and inge

    Would you really do that! thanks thats very kind of you , nice to know there are such a nice people in this world!

    I just notist this wasn’t the side from segafredo but now i’m glad I posted this message…. I can’t find any email adres or telephone number from segofredo on the internet.

    Thanks already
    David and Inge

  10. kfchan Post author

    Dear David and Inge,

    The Manager in Segafredo says they did not notice any camera.
    But he says if you can tell him at what time you were there, he will review the CCTV to see if he notice anything.

    Also, were you sitting outside or inside? At the corner or in the middle. With these extra info, he can check the specific time and location from the CCTV.

    Please reply ASAP.

  11. Ng Chong Shen

    Hi KF,

    How’s it going? I’ve been in the realm of coffee lovers every since I was studying in Melb, Australia. Actually, Jerome introduced me to coffee and my interest started from there. He left a comment on your “Improved experience at Espressamente”.

    Sad to say I actually missed all the gatherings which you guys and girls had. I’d love to join you guys for the next gathering. Been itching to get back to my Silvia and Rocky. Where do you source your beans? Still searching for good milk though.

  12. kfchan Post author

    Dear Ng,

    Good to hear from you. Next event, I will inform you personally. Which area do you stay? We do have a few home barista here like Irving and Wee. We are planning some barista jam in future. So you better fire up your Silvia and get back into the routine.

    I get mine from Singapore Highlander Coffee. 250g = RM23. They are the best available and they are freshly roasted. Sometimes my friend Simon order some beans from five senses and I piggy back the order, but too expensive lah. Have to pay around RM 120 for 500g.

    So if you are interested in Highlander fresh roasted Supremo Blend, let me know.

    For milk, the best here is Farmhouse followed by Goodday.

  13. Ng Chong Shen

    Hi KF,

    Sure thing. I’ll be looking forward to it :). I live quite close to Subang Airport, in the Ara Damansara township. Yea, have to work on my routine too. I guess Silvia’s pretty lonely at home without me right now. Lol…

    That price is reasonable. I am also looking at getting beans from five senses or other suppliers down under. Will let you know if I’m interested in the blend. What grade of roast is this?

    Thanks for the tip on milk, will look into Farmhouse. Still can’t get over Aussie’s milk though. They actually have a special milk for frothing!

  14. Irving

    Hi Ng,

    Perhaps you can join us at our next coffee jam. I will let you know the date through KFChan. BTW, is your Silvia PIDed? Wee Chuan is planning to PID his silvia. (See the link to his blog above)

  15. Ng Chong Shen

    Hi Irving, sure thing.

    No, my Silvia’s not PIDed. I think it’s still under warranty and also, I plan to get the most I can out of this virgin Silvia first before considering PID. =D
    Which generation is Wee Chuan’s Silvia?

  16. Wee Chuan

    Hi Ng,

    My silvia is the 1st generation though unlike Irving’s is the 2nd generation. You can read both the reviews on Not big difference except the drip tray, which is the notable difference.

    I bought mine at Ebay when in UK and comes with naked La Marzocco portafilter. Yah, join us for the coffee jam when Irving’s back is OK and he get us fresh supply from Highlander.

    Welcome to the coffee lover’s club. I guess KF, Irving & myself can start a site for us and allow members to join & post, probably that can include a forum if we find many members.

    What you all think? Anyway, also drop by my blog at Leave me some comments as I just join a theme membership club & hopefully I stick to the same design for my blog for some time.

  17. kfchan Post author

    Dear David and Inge,

    Segafredo’s Manager told me that they did not manage to find your camera. And since you were sitting outside, the CCTV also cannot see.

    I’m so sorry for your lost, especially those honeymoon photos…so unfortunate.

  18. David and inge

    Dear Kfchan,

    Thank you for all the efforts, The camera hasn’t bin found but now we know evereything is done to try to get the pictures back. ..Besides that we had a nice experience in the fact that there are people willing to help a strainger…

    Thanks and all the best!!!

    Goodluck with all the coffee gatherings, it’s a nice way of sharing. If you ever want to drink Coffee in holland we would be pleased to welkom you.

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