Hoca Coffee “Specialist”???

Yesterday I taste one of the worse cappuccino at Black Canyon Coffee House.

And Today I saw another scary looking cappuccino… lucky I didn’t waste money to taste it.

Passed by Hoca Coffee Specialist today in KLCC.
Hoca used to have coffee that was quite fresh, usually about a month from roasting. But the last 2 times I was there, my tongue got burnt by those super hot cappuccino. I suggest to the staff there to use a thermometer lah, if you cannot estimate with bare hands. Apparently they never listened.

I stood at the counter there and observe one of the barista doing a cappuccino.

Then, I finally understood why my tongue got burnt last time. They just hold the milk picther at the handle and froth all the way until the scary looking soap-bubble foam rise to the edge of the pitcher. He totally did not touch the  side of the pitcher the check the temperature.

So, they use neither a thermometer nor their hands to check for correct temperature.

Good coffee and cafe in Malaysia is heading to extinction I think.

8 thoughts on “Hoca Coffee “Specialist”???

  1. Jean

    Check out Lighthouse coffee in Penang if u happen to drop by Penang.

    Meet up with Victor (got his training from Aus same like the guys from Highlander).

    Most probably u can get some nice Cap & Espresso over there, i think he roast the beans as well.


    PS: I hope to try KOPI LUWAK (luwak means civet cat) one of these days!

    Regards with crema,


    -i Heart cafe-

  2. kfchan Post author

    Hoca’s owner himself is a coffee expert. It is unfortunate that he has no capabilities to transfer his knowledge to his staff. Or maybe he don’t bothered to.

    How I notice in Malaysia, many people are willing to pay good money for crap coffee. Therefore, most cafe owner doesn’t give a damn about quality.

    But my next visit to Penang, I will surely drop by lighthouse.

  3. Jean

    Yup, we need more coffee education here. How about selling freshly roasted coffee beans online in Malaysia? Whats your opinion?

    PS: I saw u at Dankoff last month educating some people on espresso and talking about espresso is the base for all coffee related drinks.
    Good job!

    A shot of thanks,


    -i Heart cafe-

  4. imzar

    lets face it, most people thinks only about how to look cool, be seen at a trendy cafe with a plastic see-thru mug in hand of outrageosly expensive and strange-looking concortion, hence the popularity of that green mermaid cafes. Those so called “coffee lovers” hardly ever asked for an espresso. The reputation of espresso in Malaysia has been forever marred by those “baristas” and their sink-shots

    enough of my ranting..

    Excellent blog you have here. Its good to know that a group of real coffee lovers do exist in Malaysia.

    btw..could you please let me know the souce of good and fresh roated beans. I’m in the Klang Valley

  5. katie york

    hi my name is katie,
    and im from a project baised high school where we learn what interests us!
    my project is about coffee and trying to find whats the best for you! i also have to have a live reasourse for my project, if you could help me out in any way i would greatley appericiate it

  6. cyka

    Hi Katie,
    Try to call up some coffee supplier ( can find in yellow pages).
    Internet is good resources for theory and video (latte art).
    Good luck.


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