Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

The three popular Italian brands of coffee known to the general public in Malaysia are Illy, Lavazza and Segafredo Zanetti. As far as I know, only Illy and Segafredo has specialty outlet. Most of the time, I’m not really impressed by all these brand names.. mostly because of the issue of freshness. One of the most important criteria when appreciating coffee is their freshness, meaning how many weeks from roasting. And most of these branded names never put the roasting date on their bags. They only put expiry date, which to me means nothing.

But many of these Italian giants in the coffee industry does put a lots of effort in their research. So their coffee blend tend to be more forgiving, producing average decent brew even though lack of freshness. I always hope that in their specialty outlet, with higher traffic and better quality control… a decent cup can be found.

Paramount Espresso Sdn Bhd is the Malaysian franchisee of Segafredo Zanetti Espresso.

Drop by to the Segafredo Zanetti Espresso outlet in Sunway Pyramid last night with my wife. I think it is their only specialty outlet in Kuala Lumpur. If not mistaken, they had another 3 or 4 outlet in Penang.

It is in Bistro style… they had liquer license. So if you like alcohol based coffee drinks or coffee based alcoholic drinks, there are plenty to choose from. But I’m there for their coffee, as plain as can be.

Firstly, I had a chat with their manager, Mr. Jimmy. He was friendly and very willing to explain how they maintain their quality and standards.

Coffee in grinder
They do not put huge amount of coffee in the grinder’s hopper. I saw only a few shots worth of pre-grind coffee in the grinder. I would have prefer them to practice “grind to order” but it is way better than most cafe already. Many a times, when I visit any cafe I just take a glance at their grinder and it is enough to put me off. Especially those places with low traffic, and I see lots of pre-ground coffee in the grinder. Yucks… you really don’t know how long those coffee were left to oxidize.

The Coffee
They use their own special blend of coffee for their outlet and it is not available anywhere. Meaning you can only it in their own specialty outlet.

The espresso
Jimmy prepared the espresso. It was a decent pour but blonding at the end of the shots. Surprisingly (I know, I know.. it always surprises me) it was a pretty decent shot. No bitterness, nice roasted smell and no bad after-taste. My wife likes it. Me too, but I would have prefer more complexity in my espresso. Comparing available espressos in the market, it is definitely the better ones.
(Nice pour. A bit of blonding in the cup, but somehow still tasted fine)

The Cappuccino
Another barista, Martin made us the cappuccino. Used Magnolia fresh milk. Decently frothed with decent microfoam. Never mind about latte-art but microfoam is what you should look for. Good body and taste of coffee was quite balanced. But I find it lack sweetness, could be the milk. I never really like Magnolia. Jimmy says he may experiment with Goodday or Farmhouse.

Better than any $bucks.

It was an overall lovely visit. If I’m in Sunway Pyramid, Segafredo is where I’m going for coffee. The location is not easy to find because it is not on the inside the building but at the side lane leading to the Theme Park. At the new wing, if you know where is Starbucks or JCo, next to them is one of the exit/entrance of Sunway Pyramid. Walk out, turn right, walk to the end about 30m and turn right again and you will find it.

More pics

For good coffee in Kuala Lumpur or Penang, Malaysia… visit Segafredo Zanetti Espresso


21 thoughts on “Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

  1. kwazy berry

    Yeah, there are a few Segafredo outlets in Penang. In fact, it is one of the stuff I noticed when I came here last year. I remember a few years ago, when I was here for a friend’s wedding, it was one of the places my friend brought me to. So, we go for a cuppa when you come here next, ok?

  2. Jack

    Found your page by luck, coz I am a espresso geek as well (after my visit to Italy). Bought 2 top moka from Italy and a Illy gound coffee and now I got hooked. (yes, I know… I know… top moka is not a “real” espresso due to the weak preassure, but it is good enough to preapre a quick with stong kick coffee every morning) So, I invested another Bialetti Brikka recently. Now I am looking for a good ground coffee in KL, any idea ?

  3. kfchan Post author

    Dear Jack,

    You’ve come to the right place. Good coffee ground only cost RM25 for 250g. And I love to try your moka pot too.

  4. sckwee

    Where can I buy the fresh coffee bean in KL? Most of coffee bean selling the super market are not fresh.

  5. Allan P


    I have just found this site, looks great.

    I am a Brit living in the USA at the moment. I will be moving to Malaysia in a few months time.
    I like to roast my own espresso coffee and will be shipping my equipment over.

    Is there any sources to buy “green beans” in Malaysia? getting it shipped each time from the US will be costly.

    Looking forward to replies.

    Cheers. Allan P

  6. kfchan Post author

    Dear Allan,

    It will not be easy to find green beans in Malaysia. Importing green beans into Malaysia need a license. I may be able to source green beans for you via Singapore. Don’t expect it to be much cheaper than roasted beans though. Let’s discuss again when you are finally here.

    Btw, what espresso machine and roasting machine are you using?

  7. Raymond

    Hi Kfchan,

    Glad to meet your blogs. I’m Raymond from KL , my cafe is keep on looking for coffee beans .. HELP ~ .. any suggest ? we tried Coffex , Eciatto this two brands .. their beans are always taste lacking of aromo .. any idea ?

  8. Wee Chuan

    Those 2 brands lack of aroma is due to the freshness of the coffee beans. Ex. Coffex is roasted in Aussie and then shipped to Malaysia, stored in warehouses before they eventually reached your store. Most of the time it will be 2-3months old and coffee beans is fragile once roasted and will only be at best for 2weeks-1month.

  9. MW Liu

    Dear Raymond,

    You may want to try KLCC San Francisco’s beans, especially their espresso blend called Cable Car, or single origin Sumatra. I’ve been buying from them for a long time and it’s always fresh. Date of roasting is printed on the bag and it’s normally 1 or 2 weeks old. I understand they roast the beans at Shameline Perkasa, KL. For most beans it’s RM10.50 per 100g and you can buy any quantity from 100g onwards. The staff are also friendly and sometimes they’re willing to open up a big bag just to sell me 200g. Trust me, I’ve tried many beans that I could get hold of but most are disappointing.

  10. san

    hi kf, i went to Segafredo sunway pyramid just now. keep thinking about going to enjoy coffee after reading ur blog and getting to know kl got segafredo .but too pity. it is closed a few months already. what a dissapointed …

  11. jolly_idiot

    Dear Raymond,

    Could it be your brewing method issue? Coffee taste/aroma strictly related to brewing technique.

    1. If you’re using a Semi-Auto group machine, it’s very dependant on your barista skills.

    2. If you’re using a fully-auto machine, it’ll depend on your machine setting (eg. grindsize, dosage, cup heating, open/close environment)

    3. How you store the beans? Do you let it exposed to air more than 2 hours(after you open the packet/tin)?

    4. Do you store the beans at the hopper for too long?

    IMHO, I do believe coffex/others produce quality coffee beans, it just many of us don’t realize that brewing method cause matters and we do blame on beans.


  12. Sam Loo

    To Whom may concern….

    I’m 1 of the customer in Segafredo, 1st of all really love the breakfast set it taste so good but I have 1 question what is the operation time for Segafredo base on the notice board is 8:30am but when I go to gurney plaza outlet today, hoping to get myself a great breakfast but very disappointed it wasn’t open yet at 8:35am i waited until 9 am & it still not open. That is a very bad experience for me & 4 other customers who is waiting with me.

  13. Peter J Skading

    Dear Sam,

    Let me kindly introduce myself, I’m Peter Skading, the Business Development Department Segafredo Penang.
    I’m truly appologize about what happen on that morning due to staff careless mistake, we are definately looking into that matter to be sure that it will never repeated again near future. As for today that i have recieve this link through KF Chan, I would like to invite you
    to Gurney outlet for a good treat to you and your other friends were with you that morning.
    I hope to meet you anytime for this dine.


  14. Justin Lee

    there is a new segafredo kiosk @ pavilion, KL.been there every weeks.addicted to it, n thanks to the lovely barista and the great smiling plus service.excellent espresso!

  15. Jean Loo

    Here in penang you can get good quality arabica green beans at a very low price. You just have to know where to get them…..Indonesia is our neighbour, I wonder y u said it’s hard to get green beans. You can even get good quality aged indonesian arabica beans easily.

  16. Allan Powell

    Hello Jean Loo

    Thank you for your reply. I typically blend 3 types of beans when roasting my espresso. I use Brazilian, Sumatran and Central American (Mexico, Panama).

    Are these all available in green form?

    Cheers. Allan P

  17. Marcus Phang

    hi, i’m marcus and would like to know where can i buy the beans in kuala lumpur. fist of all, i tried KL pavilion but they are not selling the beans. i saw the article above wonder where is the segafredo outlet located. thanks and regards,

  18. BOB Wong

    I’m a late comer to this blog. I am just wondering whether Segafredo is still operating in Sunway Pyramid ?

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