Nasi Lemak at D’Lish

This D’Lish in Mid-Valley really looked delicious.

Located: G-001 ground floor, opposite Starbucks.

It fulfilled every criteria of what makes a good Nasi Lemak, well almost…

Let’s see.

Main ingredients:-
1. Aromatic Rice – check
2. Fresh cut cucumber – check
3. Crunchy peanuts – check
4. Crunchy fried anchovies – check
6. Nice sambal – half check

Misc ingredients:-
7. Curry chicken – check
8. Sambal sotong – check

One of the most difficult ingredient is definitely the sambal. To be fair, the sambal together with the sotong were well made with lots of onions and tasted fresh. But different people like different types of sambal. Some like it hotter, sweeter, thicker, lighter, redder… you just can’t please everyone.

What is more interesting is the price. It cost RM 12.80. Well some may say it is expensive, but given the portion and how everything is done with care and quality, I say it is value for money.

Still not happy? Well they have really delicious looking salad and sandwiches too. And the final icing on the cake… they charge 5% standard government tax and NO 10% SERVICE CHARGE. Save RM2.80 and you can more than pay for the parking. Go and check them out.

P.S: I didn’t bother with the coffee though.

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