Highlander Coffee – another great espresso & coffee experience

After the Asia Barista Championship, took some time to visit Highlander Coffee.

Here are some pictures but unfortunately I was so engross with drinking the coffee that I totally forgotten to take any picture of the coffee. But I can assure you, they are great.

Here is Cedric (left) and Phil (center).

The “sexy” Vibiemme espresso machine. Slurp (salivating).

And they have this 6 feet tall coffee roaster.

Phil made me an excellent espresso. Why is the espresso excellent? What are the ingredients?

1. Fresh roasted high quality arabica beans.
Someone said to me once, “roast your own coffee lah, it’s not rocket science”.
What image they have in mind is someone standing over a big iron-casted wok and roasting their beans. Well, if you are thinking of those cheap traditional kopi you get from any kopitiam, then yes. It is no rocket science. But let me ask you, the next time you go to any kopitiam, order a cup of kopi-O, and try drinking that without milk or sugar. Then you tell me how nice it is.

Traditional kopi has its place in the market. First, they are cheap. Then, combine them with the correct & optimum of condensed milk + evaporated milk + sugar, they can taste quite decent. I enjoyed my kopi at Kemaman kopitiam too.

But a great cup of espresso is a totally different creature.

To combine a few different regional coffee at the optimum ratio, roast them to their correct profile require great skills, patience and a discerning taste buds. May not be rocket science, but it is quite near.

2. Barista Skills.
Phil is definitely a qualify barista. Not the same as *Star$’s “barista”. Just like doctors, you got the “Dr. House” type and you got those “bomoh” type. Phil belongs to the former type.

3. Machine.
That was a Vibiemme. Though i’m proud of my Gaggia Baby, but when you compare good and great, mine can only reach the “good” stage. Sigh… I’m so jealous 🙂

So if you people are in Singapore, pay them a visit. Get the direction from they newly renovated web site here.

*Note: I hope you guys know what Star$ means.

7 thoughts on “Highlander Coffee – another great espresso & coffee experience

  1. Simon Yeo

    Cool machine! Good point regarding espresso beans vs local beans…the quality is incomparable. Just try an espresso made using local beans (as in locally traditional roasted) beans…undrinkable. Most local roasters uses cheap brazillian fillers, some – the result? Buttery taste at best but utterly undrinkable without sugar and milk. Like what KFChan said, it’s a different thing altogether. Not trying to knock down local coffee because I know many people enjoyed them very much.

  2. kfchan Post author

    So Simon,

    Any good espresso place in Sibu apart from your own home-made espresso? What about good traditional kopitiam? Can’t wait to have Kemaman kopitiam open one in KL. Cannot tahan Old Town anymore.

  3. Simon Yeo

    Hi KFChan,

    The used to be TWO places that serve espresso…one closed down. So now only one…..pretty average. Very bland blend so it’s not harsh but definitely nothing special…that same shop also operates like the modern kopitiam…its called Roti Cuppa or something…

    the hotels have nice machines but unskilled barista. I’ve tasted once – the latte is sour…overextracted espresso…and it cost 11.00 before GST and service tax..

    never tried Kemaman before…where are some of the outlets?

  4. Irvinski

    I get my supply of fresh coffee from Highlander Coffee. Fortunately, I travel a lot to Singapore for business. I am not able to find anyone that roasts coffee on demand in KL (tried the one in Westin KL, but somehow the beans are sh**e. Do you know of any other suppliers in KL?

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