Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate

Got to make sure I’m awake for the Champions League Final between Manchester United and Chelsea.

Make a nice cappuccino for myself and a Hot Chocolate for “Elektra” who wanted to know who to make nice hot chocolate.

Well, with the proper equipment and skills, you can.

Let the game begin.

6 thoughts on “Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate

  1. Venky

    Mr Chan,
    Read ur entire blog with delight. Great to see that we have coffee lovers in malaysia with so much passion. KL is lucky, at least there are some places u can get a decent coffee. Up north in Penang, it is a sad story. Anyway, I want to know more about the espresso machine that you use and how I can get it. The beans as well. My father is a big time coffee freak and he has been making it in the sad machines from Delonghi (steam driven) to the current Rowenta Virtuoso (another sad one). I want to get him the Gaglia Baby that u recommended. Pls advise.

  2. kfchan Post author

    Dear Venky,

    Thank you for your comment. Read about the story my machine and grinder here:

    As for the coffee beans, I got mine usually very fresh, less than 2 weeks from roasting. I pay RM46 for 500g. You can have it deliver to you anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia (if your are in Penang) for extra RM10.

    I bought my Gaggia Baby D for RM1960 in ETC. But I know there is a upgraded model too for around RM2500. If it is within your budget and you want to get it, I can help to nake the arrangement for you.

    Can get you the La Scala M5 grinder too for RM 2100.

  3. Venky

    Thanks guys.

    Mr. Chan, will get back to u on ur offer after checking MAN’s update on the Penang based vendor.

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