Malaysia Barista Champion 2008 – Cheryl Lee

For the first time, a Malaysia Barista Championship (MBC) was held on the 5th of April. Organised by Coffex, it was quite a rush affairs. The Asia Barista Championship (also for the first time) was to be held on 22nd & 23rd April in Singapore. They were trying to find the most competent Barista to represent Malaysia at the ABC.

Contestant for the MBC were represented by baristas from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Coffee Connection, Dome, Glitter’s Cafe, Bakerzin and Hilton Hotel.

And the winner goes to Ms. Cheryl Lee from Coffee Connection.

Here are the photos of Cheryl at the Asia Barista Championship (ABC) in Singapore.

Judges watching over the contestant like a hawk.

Finished and relieve.

Congratulation Cheryl for making us proud. Getting 5th place on her maiden attempt and competing against veterans like Carl Sara and Scottie Callaghan is truly a great effort.


5 thoughts on “Malaysia Barista Champion 2008 – Cheryl Lee

  1. Victor

    Hi Chan, Thanks for the posting !

    Actually I was there … FHA 08:) But all my photo are GONE due to my camera SD card failure !! Terrible !!

    I am so glad Malaysian won 5th price in ABC 08! Hey, maybe you can join the competition on next round 🙂

  2. kfchan Post author

    Victor, you were there?
    Which company are you attached with? Me joining? Very difficult lah. I don’t have a commercial machine to play with. Unless some company sponsor me, then may be possible.

    Btw, how you found out about this blog?

  3. victor

    Hi Chan,

    Found ur blog from yahoo search engine 🙂

    I am in F&B business, I just join the fair with my boss.

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