Worst cappuccino ever…

Though I’m making some of the best cappuccinos at home, sad to say I also made some of the worst at home.

This always happened whenever I try my hand in some experimental concoction.

I really like soy bean drinks. I also really like coffee. So I thought why not combine the two. You know, sometime back, Starbucks was also promoting their soy latte. Quite lousy actually.

I have tried a few times already with different type of soy milk. Yucks… maybe I just can’t find the right combination but ALL of them suck. There were horrible.

I don’t think I wanna waste anymore nice soy milk and fresh coffee anymore. The last one I tried a few days back was with this organic soy milk + oat milk. They tasted great on it’s own. But when mixed with coffee and frothed up… sink them after 2 sips.

8 thoughts on “Worst cappuccino ever…

  1. CWLoo

    Had my first soy latte at, you said it, sbux. Man! That’s life changing, after which I will NO LONGER curious about mixing coffee with soy milk.

  2. Simon Yeo

    Soy latte / cappuccino…very interesting cos the drink is very popular in Australia…I think the key thing is fresh and unsweatened soy milk….but also it’s an acquired taste I think. I haven’t tried any in Malaysia cos I could not find a suitable soy milk.

  3. CWLoo

    Hi Aaron, the soy latte I tried was at Starbucks (sbux), however, I’ve tried many commercially available soy milk for latte/cappuccino at my caffe, and have yet to find one that taste good. I suppose, like Simon Yeo commented, soy-based coffee is really an acquired taste. Fresh and unsweetened soy? perhaps i will go get a bag from the morning market, sans sucre, and try it again. Let you guys know after I try it then.

  4. jedyoong

    Yes. Soy latte sucks, in general. The best one I had was in London. Also Starbucks. Like Loo said, it’s important to find a suitable soy milk for coffee. More variety in UK. 😉

  5. jade

    soy milk + coffee = ^~^
    but in australia,there’s some cafe do selling this
    its just like low fat milk with coffee…
    u can have it for fun
    but u wont love it~
    would u like decafe coffee?
    wont right?

  6. CWLoo

    we serve decaf coffee for commercial reasons only =P like it or not, there are customers looking for it (palpitation, pregnancy, etc.), just don’t seek my truthful comments on the quality and taste.

  7. kfchan Post author

    Haha, you guys are funny man. Hey Jade, you sure decaf is bad 🙂

    I heard someone argue that those who chose decaf are the real coffee lover because they drink coffee for the taste and not for the caffeine.

    But for me, please, I need the caffeine… especially in the morning.

    Furthermore, espresso will surely have less caffeine than drip or press. Coffee spend less time in the water… only 25 seconds.

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