Cappuccino Spree

I have been going on a cappuccino spree for the past few days. Using the Highlander Supreme Blend to the fullest… here are some results:-


Unable to control the pour properly, I don’t even know what pattern is that. A snail on the left.. hahaha.. and cheated with a bit of etching on the right.




These are better. Smooth, sweet and velvety with a clear fresh taste of good coffee.

5 thoughts on “Cappuccino Spree

  1. CWLoo

    The milk looked to be frothed very well, microfoaming-wise… Hope to get a little tip from you on that. If you notice them, my latte art pix (on my facebook) has many many small bubbles very visible, so foaming is what I’m practicing now. Your milk looked excellent!

  2. kfchan Post author

    Hey Jenglot,

    Long time never seen your comment. How are you? Did you visit Espressamente for the cups? Have you gotten your grinder? I’m visiting Singapore for the Asia Barista Championship. Will update the blog once i;m back.

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