The Lawn

I’m in KLCC now waiting for my wife. Sent her to some “Music Appreciation” session at Philharmonic. So, I dropped by this place… The Lawn, level 2.

The food here all look nice and healthy. It’s name “The Lawn” tells you that many things come in the colour green.

Ordered a cappuccino.


Wow! It is nice. They sprinkle some chocolate powder on to the coffee before pouring in the milk. The milk was nicely frothed and retained its natural sweetness. This is by far one of the best cappuccino I’ve tried in a Malaysia cafe.

Another surprising note is that they are using beans from Coffex. Obviously, with the higher traffic of customers in KLCC, the coffee beans does not sit long in the grinder and waiting to get stale. The end-result = better tasting coffee.

With the price of RM7.00, it is by far the better tasting coffee and best value for money in town.

New Additional Info:
Forgot to mentioned earlier, the extraction of the espresso is not so good. It was fast and watery. This is one very common mistake among cafes. The grind is not adjusted fine enough. Most of the time, I don’t see the espresso flowing down mousetail-like or flowing down like hot honey.

Rating: 6.5/10

6 thoughts on “The Lawn

  1. Aaron

    Wow Kc, tons of updates from you.
    The cappuccino look great! Yummy!
    Kc, where do you recommend a place best for
    in kl?

  2. Simon Yeo

    Good updates of late…will try the place you reviewed on my next trip…the traffic of coffee is really key to freshness…I know good cafes in Australia where they will throw away whatever beans they cannot finish (if using prepacked unground)…I guess not easy for cafe in Malaysia to do…

    On a side topic, I’m wondering what milk do folks here us? I think KFChan mentioned Farmhouse…which incidentally is my favourite too. I also used Magnolia Fresh Milk or Dutch Lady Fresh (the green colour one)…what about others?

  3. kfchan Post author

    Hi Aaron,

    Normally if a place serve decent cappuccino, their latte would not be far off.
    But when it come to espresso, I have not encounter any place worth trying.

    And Simon, I only use either Farmhouse or Goodday full cream (the blue one). The cheaper ones are questionable.

  4. Aaron


    Hmm in that case where would you recommend for a place best for latte only…?

    and another place best for cappuccino?

    Other than what you make of course.. 🙂

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