No Coffee and All Chillies

Breaking News: Kin Kin Restaurant just opened in Pandan Indah.

This is definitely the de-facto best Chili Pan Mee in Malaysia. Their original branch is located in a secluded place (very hard to describe) and I never got to take down their address. If you know where is Maju Junction, opposite the road, you will see a Sony Showroom. Right in front of Sony’s, cross the road and head towards 11 o’clock direction and you will find it. The original branch is kinda interesting. On the walls were written some disclaimer like.. “We are the original, we have no branches and there are many copycats” or something to that effect.

So I was very surprise and happy to see a new branch. The location is somewhere opposite the main road from Steven’s Corner.




Oh Yes. I’m sorry for anyone who cannot take chilies. But a word of warning. Many were tempted by the chilies and tempted fate by over indulging on the chilies. Consequences… you are likely to get a free treatment of bowel cleansing.

It is good man. MUST TRY.

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