Kemaman Kopitiam

Went to Kuantan for 2 days to meet up with an It partner.
Nowadays in KL, kopitiam are mushrooming everywhere. Notably “Old Town Kopitiam” which I must admit had a great sense of business but the coffee or food are nothing to shout about. In fact, there are hardly any kopitiam worth any special mention.

Kemaman Kopitiam


Nicely decorated with marbled tables. On the walls were photos of many notable visitors including celebrity like Siti Nurhalisa, royalties and plain rakyat from all walks of life. Old photos, paintings and ornaments were also nicely displayed.


I had a Kopi Classic. It is their “famous” kamaman coffee (surely robusta) that is overly roasted (They sell pre-ground coffee that is dark like charcoal), mixed with hot water, condensed milk, evaporate milk and a touch of their coco powder. It tasted damn fine. In fact I went there 2 days in a row.

I strongly suspect if you use their “charcoal dark roast” for espresso, it will taste horrible. But with the correct mixture of milk, water and a touch of coco, wow… I very nice drink this is.


What do you know.. their Nasi Lemak Special with lemongrass chicken is very good. As I mentioned the criteria of good nasi lemak, the ingredients are fresh. Fresh cut cucumber (it’s not a fluke, I went there twice), fresh cut tomatos, fresh fried mata kerbau (sunny-side up), decent rice and very nice side-dish the lemongrass chicken.

Frankly, Kuantan is boring. But for Kemaman Kopitiam, I would want to go back. Yummy.

8 thoughts on “Kemaman Kopitiam

  1. kfchan Post author

    Well, axileon

    If you happen to come down to KL, do let me know. We can go for a drink. Of course, many people think that there are more nice food here then in Singapore, heheheh.. no offense.

  2. Aaron

    Hey there axileon, 🙂

    Anyway KFChan, I think Malacca has one of the greatest food which is cheap like original baba food and satay celup.. lol.. but malacca’s coffee is… lousy lol..

  3. Kemaman Kopitiam

    On behalf of Kemaman Kopitiam, I would like to thank you for your support.
    We are in the process of improving our food and service qualities.
    At the same time, we are opening our KL outlet soon. Hope to see you in KL.
    Once again, thanks for your support.

  4. MsDeVoN-AoKi

    iS iT tRuE dAt thEy n0w avE an oUtLets in bAngsAr? oR i mistakEbly c0nfusE iT wIf othEr koPitiAm? HaHahA!

  5. MsDeVoN-AoKi

    c0z ivE guEz i vE bEen to thEir oUtlEt iN pJ. Nd n0w iM tRyiNg to fiNd thEir oUtlEt heRe iN my pLacE aT baNgsAr. i 4gOt whEr iT is LocAtEd. cUd aNyoNe hELp d LosT cHiLd?

  6. kfchan Post author


    You really think writing in such manner is cool? I read one line and I felt a headache coming. Don’t be gila-glory and write in proper English or Malay.

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