Bakerzin’s Coffee

Bakerzin held a special place in my heart. I proposed to my wife there during Valentine’s Day. Their Valentine’s Special was lovely and their desserts are to die for. I remember my first latte there was very nice. That was their Bangsar’s outlet.

I went to the One Utama’s outlet recently for a latte.


Note the attempt for a latteart. The one I had in Bangsar was better. But this time, I was a bit disappointed…. the milk was a little over-heated. If the temperature was kept between 65 to 70 degree celcius, it would have been great. Maybe the barista was having an off-day.

Still, I give them credit for the attempted latteart. At least it showed that they are conscious about the importance of milk frothing.

I ‘m sure I’ll go back there for their great dessert. And I’m sure I’ll give their coffee another try.

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