Very Nice Nasi Lemak

Went to this place … Summer Garden Cafe.. hidden somewhere secluded in Bangsar. Somewhere behind NSTP.

Summer Garden CafeJalan Kurau

Nasi Lemak

Definitely one very nice nasi lemak.

Here’s why:-
1. Aromatic Rice.
2. Crunchy ikan bilis & peanuts.
3. Fresh cut juicy cucumber.
4. Perfectly boiled-egg .. yolk is not too hard and not too soft.
5. Decent sambal.
6. Decent acar.
7. Decent curry chicken.

It is so easy to make nice nasi lemak.

Even though I categorized sambal, acar and curry chicken as decent, yet the entire dish I would say is excellent. Things like sambal and curry chicken is a very subjective matter. Different people like it differently.

But aromatic rice, ikan bilis, peanuts and cucumber… it must be fresh. Everything else is side issue.

Go and try man.

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