Starbucks’ Blackberry Green Tea Frappe

Just in case some people think that I have nothing good to say about Starbucks, here are the things I appreciate about Starbucks:-

1. Biggest influence in Malaysia (probably the world) in making it hip and cool to pay
RM10++ for a latte.
2. Of all the Coffee chains , they have set the highest standards (though average at best)
in espresso preparation. At least I have never seen a “dead shot” of espresso sitting
there waiting for the next customer. Those who commits such horrible “evil” in the
espresso world, you know who you are.
3. Free Wireless Internet Access. Those who don’t provide such affordable service are
definitely daft. It cost less than their RM10++ latte a day.

Of course, their high standard of espresso preparation is on the way “DOWN”, since their policy to switch to Super-Auto machine. Click here for details.

Usually I don’t fancy their ICE-Blended drinks. Too sweet. But that has just changed.

Enter their Blackberry Green Tea Frappe.

Green Tea Frappe

Nice. In fact pretty nice. Give it a try but it cost more than a RM10++ latte. I think at least RM14.


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