The Heart of a Cappuccino

A good cup of cappuccino is not easy to find.
The requirements killed a lots of Cappuccinos wannabes.

1. Fresh roasted coffee (hard to find in Malaysia)
2. A good blend of espresso coffee (hard to find in Malaysia)
(some coffee blend are not designed nor roasted to complement milk)
3. A nicely frothed and properly textured milk, at the right temperature)
Got myself a half decent “fresh” roasted, and decently blended beans. After experimenting with a few methods, I think I have discover the correct method to work with my Gaggia Baby. I manage to get myself a very creamy, velvety, microfoamed milk.

WOW. Have you had any fresh milk that tasted like cream? It was excellent. And I even manage to pour a half decent heart. This is a good day.

A creamy heart


2 thoughts on “The Heart of a Cappuccino

  1. jedyoong

    i also like the old style coffee in kopitiams in ipoh. they have nice coffee and it’s properly brewed too although via the old fashioned method. 😉

    i agree it’s hard to find nice kopitiam coffee these days. the art of making a good cup of “cha” (tea/coffee) is lost. 😉

  2. kfchan Post author

    True, some old style kopi in Ipoh is good. Of course Ipoh is famous for its White Coffee but you need to know which kopitiam. Some are really good and some are just mediocre. And don’t confuse with the “Old Town Kopitiam” that are mushrooming everywhere. “Old Town Kopitiam”‘s kopi are just mediocre to me.

    My favourite old style kopi is the Kemaman Kopitiam in Kuantan.

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