My good espresso esperience

I have only caught glimpses of great espresso.

In Tokyo, Japan:-
Just when I thought that Japan = green tea, what do you know?
Their coffee culture is way more advance than us in Malaysia.
I tried 2 places in Tokyo.

1. Paul Bassett’s Coffee outlets
2. Macchinesti Coffee outlet

I can’t wait for another opportunity to go back for their espresso.

But what about in Malaysia? I have said that there is no coffee outlet with good espresso.
That is still true. I’m waiting for someone to point me to the right place.

But then, I did experience consistent decent espresso in Malaysia.
Whenever I visit my coffee supplier at Dankoff, very often I get decent espresso there.
Not really great, but definitely the best in Malaysia. But since it is not a restaurant or coffee shop, you cannot come over and buy a shot of espresso.

Once when Danny’s friend, Phil ( over from Singapore and brought some really fresh roasted premium quality coffee beans, WOW…. that was really GREAT espresso.

Phil roasted them in Singapore and they were 2 days from roasting. It was such an excellent experience, I can’t wait for Phil to come back for a visit 🙂

I hope to get some really fresh roast and make them at home.

6 thoughts on “My good espresso esperience

  1. thurraiya

    Hi there.

    Hope all is well. You seem like someone who knows there coffee well. I was hoping to get some answers from you : )
    I’m from London but I want to open my own coffee shop in KL.. What’s the best way of going about it in Malaysia?

    Thanks so much!

  2. kfchan Post author

    First thing my friend is to come and survey the coffee scene here.
    There are a few up and coming locations that are very hot now, like Tropicana Mall and Puchong business area.

    Once you determine the correct location, the rest are the usually business matter of setting it up. I can advise you on the suppliers then.

    But first thing first. Check out all the hot areas and USE THE FORCE.

  3. kfchan Post author


    You mean illy espresso or illy iperespresso.
    The Francis! Francis! X7 is using the iperESPRESSO system but I have no opportunity the try them… so can’t really comment. But theory wise, can’t be much good. I certainly don’t mind trying though.

    If you meant espresso from illy beans, yes.. they can be decent. If you have them at Espressamente, they can even be good though not all the time. Illy beans has issue with freshness that cannot be help. But in a cafe with high traffic and GOOD barista, yes… they make decent espresso.

  4. aszroul nazren Zid

    Hi there.. it so interesting reading all your post about the coffe theory and story. It seems like you are very good in knowledge of coffe and well known specialist in coffee chemistry ‘ in terms of taste and process’.
    It good if we can get to share all this information to all coffee cafe company /practitioners and spread the knowledge to coffee lover in Malaysia. I believe this will upgrade our coffee industry in Malaysia to the actual premium level.
    Anyway by upcoming March, I’ll lead a local brand cafe thst serve with premium speciality coffee restaurant in JB. I plan to give u an invitation to experience the ambience and products and love to hear your feedback for our improvement.
    Would u love to joint? Our outlet will be placed in JB town area. THIS CAFE are scheduled to open by earlier of March. If you interested kindly please reply your big YES and let me know your T&C.Hope to get your immediate feedback soon. Regards. .

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