More ranting about espresso in Malaysia

Just for the benefit of those who have not tried an espresso in their life, or those who may want to give it a “shot”:-

I always got comment from my friends that asked why in the world anyone wanted to drink something so horrible, and so bitter.

Well, good espresso is not very bitter. It does activate a little bit of “bitter” sensation, but not in a bad way. Just imagine eating dark chocolate. There is a little bitterness but it is expected and it is nice and necessary.

The reason most people think that espresso is horrible and bitter… it is because that how most espresso taste like in Malaysia.

So, espresso is bad and horrible when they:-
– are very bitter in a bad way
– are sour in a bad way
– leave a bad after taste that lingers in your mouth
– cause you to wish for a mouth wash

Next… what about the good ones...

4 thoughts on “More ranting about espresso in Malaysia

  1. marvinlee

    Yeah.. very true.. it tasted bitter during my early days of expresso trying, thus burnt into my mind that expresso=bitter.

    Never tried expresso since.

  2. kfchan Post author

    Don’t bother trying.

    If I come across any espresso worth trying in a coffee outlet, I’ll sure put it on the blog.

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