Good Espresso

I am fortunate to have experience good espresso in my life (but too little).

How does it taste like?
– Good espresso has some slight bitterness that is necessary and not overpowering
– Good espresso smells great (put your nose near it and smell the aroma)
– Good espresso is smooth
– Good espresso has a pronounced body and is not watery
– Good espresso taste can come with hints of fruitiness with tinge of acidity
– Good espresso can taste nutty and chocolaty
– Good espresso does not leave a bad taste in your mouth

2 thoughts on “Good Espresso

  1. Wee Chuan

    It has definitely improved these days with more people getting an Oscar and the group of coffee lovers has become bigger compared to a year ago. But we still are a far away to become true coffee aficionados.

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