My Own Creation – An “AmericanoMacchiato”

Thought I would try something new today.
I was thinking how to cut down on the milk.
I would only buy full cream fresh milk. All those low fat, non-fat milk are not for me.

Trust me, if you want to have a nice cappuccino or latte, only full cream fresh milk will do justice. They are smoother, sweeter and just yummy.

But then, with my “middle-kingdom” expanding, I need to come up with alternative to full milk-based espresso drinks. So, here is it. An AmericanoMacchiato.



Hmm.. looks great, strong and full bodied. Unlike the latte or cappuccino I used to make, which is sweetened by the velvety frothed milk, this one is bitter.

Put a teaspoon of sugar. Much better.

Not to my liking though. Never liked Americano nor Kopi-O.

I rather have a straight shot espresso.
Sigh, need to think of another alternative.


2 thoughts on “My Own Creation – An “AmericanoMacchiato”

  1. eric

    Middle-kingdom huh? Haha. You can always use the same amount of milk, but reduce the number of times you drink. At least the taste is preserved.

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