Ta Daaaaa….

My Baby

COST = RM 1,960.00

Bought it at the Curve. The company selling it is ETC.
They have a lots of Expresso Machine suitable for home users.
Check them out: http://www.etc-concept.com/


4 thoughts on “Ta Daaaaa….

  1. marvinlee

    Wow… so this is your secret to win over Starbucks eh.
    Does the machine comes with manual on how to make coffee as nice as yours.
    Or the very least like Starbucks?

    You know, your photos gave me the urge to go drive my car and grab a cuppa coffee at Starbucks.

    Do post more photos pls. Thanks.

  2. kfchan Post author

    Haha, you cannot make coffee like mine by reading from the machine’s manual.

    But if you learn from me, you can have coffee as good or better than Starbucks anytime.

    Btw, there’s a demo unit of the Gaggia Baby D at 25% discount. Let me know if you or any of your friends are interested.


  3. lyrradnahc

    Hi Kan Chan,
    since I had my Silvia I’ve hardly had shots at the chains worth blogging about anymore! Hence the lack of reviews from the Singapore side!

    Keep doing those latte art, it’s been 3 months and I all we have are blobs (well my excuse is the pitcher).


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