The milky ways..

Something most coffee drinkers in Malaysia do not know.

Microfoam and temperature.

Microfoam: Where the bubbles in the foam milk so small, you can hardly see them. The milk texture is velvety. Badly foam milk has big bubbles like soap water. Microfoamed milk is smooth and creamy.

Temperature: I meantioned earlier about burnt milk. Ideally, milk should be steamed to around 60 to 70 degrees celsius. They are not suppose to be boiling hot. Milk that is frothed and steamed to around 60 to 70 degrees are sweet. You can enjoyed your latte without even adding sugar.


8 thoughts on “The milky ways..

  1. Irvinski

    It also depends of the milk as well. I’ve tried steaming different types of milk and have different results. Here’s the top 3 that I use in Malaysia that produces good microfoam. (Feel free to add to the list).

    1) Magnolia Fresh Milk (Comonly used by Starbucks & CBTL)
    2) Farmhouse Freash Milk (Expensive but consistent)
    3) Goodday Fresh Milk.

  2. kfchan Post author

    My favourite is:-
    1. Farmhouse Full cream (Pink carton)
    2. Goodday Full cream (Dark Blue carton)

    And forget about low-fat. If you worry about calories and fat, get smaller cups (I use 7oz cup), or just drink espresso and americano.

  3. Faiz

    very informative blog about espresso and coffee. congrats!

    Thank you for the milk brand recommendation. Just got my espresso machine shipped from new zealand. now, time to go shopping for one of those milks!

  4. kfchan Post author

    Wooohh.. new machine from NZ? What brand and model? Hey, if you are in Klang Valley, let arrange a get-together and we can do some barista jaming 😀

  5. Faiz

    It’s an Australian made Breville 800 class espresso machine. I think I got it in 2007/2008, spend about NZD350 after discount.

    The barista jamming sounds fun altho I just know some basic espresso pull and milk frothing skills. hehe.

  6. ezra limm

    Faiz, that breville machine (if it’s the one without the built in grinder) requires an unpressurized filter basket.

    Look at the basket that holds the coffee grounds. If you see lots of holes on the top side and only one small pinhole on the bottom side, it’s impossible to make real espresso.

    Google around im sure you’ll be able to find an unpressurized basket for that model.

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